Sunday, October 31, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Forty-four

Oof – there are a lot of pictures this week (a lot of pictures of ME – sorry!). Let’s just dive in.
Sunday, October 24th   
Dr. M & I were driving home & saw a couple of sundogs. These aren’t the best photos of them, but they still make me happy.

Monday, October 25th     
I was heading out to walk with my cousin. I struggled so mightily to put on my “sports bra” that I got 77 steps on my Fitbit. Hahaha!

Tuesday, October 26th    
This is NOT an attractive photo, but this Amy’s Organic meal is DELICIOUS (Palak Paneer).

Wednesday, October 27th    
I usually take my lunch hour in my office & it finally occurred to me to create a little nest so I’m more comfortable while I’m scrolling Instagram on my iPad. (Note: being a hermit during lunch is what this introvert needs so she can interact gracefully with employees the rest of the day.)

Thursday, October 28th      
Got my flu shot – this year’s bandage was Scooby & the Gang!

Date night – TexMex & hockey.

Friday, October 29th    
The 1970s was our team’s theme this year. I thought we did pretty well!

Saturday, October 30th    
Weird food of the week – apple with peanut butter & pomegranate seeds. Yum!

My (extremely talented) sister-in-law asked if I could help with her work’s trunk or treat. Her theme was Jurassic Park & my plan was to dress in khakis or something. But I don’t own khakis & I did NOT want to go shopping. So I chose the T-Rex costume. Because at this point in my life I pretty much have no dignity left. But you know – it was a hoot! I was a little claustrophobic to start off, but I got used to it. The kids LOVED it. I actually tried to do some dancing with one of the kids, and since I knew it looked hilarious I tried to do some running around. These first pictures are the view from inside the costume. 


Because I know you have been on pins & needles, here is a baseball update: the Braves are ONE WIN away from winning the World Series! If they win tonight they win it all & I can go back to getting an adequate amount of sleep. If they don’t win, they head to Houston for game 6 on Tuesday. This has been quite a ride, and I’m very proud of the team, but I am also ready for a baseball break. It’s time to hibernate for the winter & that involves going to bed in a timely manner! What does self-care look like for you in these shorter days?


  1. I'm just crazy about those TRex costumes. They are so fun! For sure I'd be dancing and jumping around in one, too.

    Your costume for the theme was good, too. I remember dressing up as a hippie for Halloween one year in college. I had a leather vest with fringe down to my knees that my grandmother had made for my sister in the 70s. I had long, long hair and I wore a headband, too.

    Apples and peanut butter are my favourite lunch. I'm not a fan of pomegranate seeds. Too much seed, not enough fruit.

    1. I like pomegranate seeds when they're nice & tart, and explode a little bit in your mouth. But they are VERY WORKY!

  2. Well, this Houstonian would prefer the Astros to win, but I'm with you on just wanting it to be over, already, so I can stop fussing over it. I'm not really a baseball fan, but once we make one of these 'big events,' I'm like everyone else: checking the score and grumping about the bad calls!

    I laughed at your 70's attire. If I'd just seen the photo, I would have said you were "doing" the 60s. The 70s -- to my mind -- are disco.

    1. I'm sure you were happy about last night's game. I on the other hand, had to eat some Tums. Ha! Well, it will be over this week no matter what.

      I wondered about whether I was representing the sixties, but I had friends who said they wore similar attire in the early 70s. Whether that's right or not, I am NOT a disco queen so I was definitely not going in that direction. Ha!

  3. Certainly was an interesting and fun sounding week at your part of the universe.

  4. Astros for the win so off to Houston. And peanut butter, apples, and pomegranate is not weird. Try harder.

    1. Hmmm - what can I eat to impress Ellen, but that I will still actually like...

  5. Your '70s crowd looks pretty authentic, with the exception of that guy on the left, who looks like your chaperone!

    Love the Scooby Band-Aid!

    I wish I had my own office. I usually retreat to my boss's office at lunch, but of course she's in there too, so it's not really "alone" time. (But better than eating at the circulation desk or in the cafeteria.)

    1. I love having my own office! I've been fortunate that I've had one for most of my work life.

  6. Good for you in your Halloween costumes! And my sympathies on last night's disaster. I've been rooting for the Braves in this Series though I really am tired of the tomahawk chant. Good luck Tuesday.

    1. So, so tired of that stupid chant! Would love to see the organization step up in the off season and change things up. I'm kind of okay with Braves, but the tomahawk and chant have GOT to go. Don't see it happening, but I can dream. I'm a third generation fan...hard not to pull for my family's team. But the fans make me sad.

    2. Mike kept turning the sound off when they were doing the chop.

  7. Always a good sport you are, donning one of those TRex costumes. They are definitely good for entertainment. What a clever trunk!


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