Thursday, July 26, 2018

Recent Google Searches

Offered with minimal commentary.

Potato salad with raisins: I keep seeing this bouncing around & decided to find out if it's really a thing because that sounds disgusting. It's a Saturday Night Live thing and that explains everything.

Golden moneywort: I saw some ground cover that I thought might work in our back yard - turns out that it's (probably) Creeping Jenny & maybe that would be a bad idea? The jury is still out!

How to use Nads facial wax strips: I decided that I needed to move to the next level of mustache management. Heavy sigh.

Emperor Zhark: Character in a book I was reading - I wanted to know if there really are books out there where he is a character. I'm thinking not? Anyone else know?

Jayson Werth: I could NOT remember the name of the Nationals player that recently retired - thanks Google!

Angus Lennie: Actor in The Great Escape. I was trying to see if I'd seen him in any other movies. Nope.

Can you substitute cooking spray for parchment paper: Yes, yes you can

Can you substitute wax paper for parchment paper: DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BURN DOWN THE HOUSE!

Doobie Brothers: I couldn't remember the name of the lead singer that I don't like (Michael McDonald - sorry Michael!).

Top Spin Lob: We were laughing at how a character in one of Dick Francis' books called a horse Topsy Blob instead of Top Spin Lob, and I had to just confirm that my facts were straight.

How many strikeouts does CC Sabathia have: Well, wouldn't you want to know too? 


  1. HAHA - this is such a fun blog post idea!
    Potato salad with raisins. Ewwwww!

    1. Thanks! I saw the same thing on another blog a few years ago & decided that I'd been extra random lately, so why not try it :)

    2. I put some creeping Jenny in a pot and it is beautiful. H also put some in the half-moon garden in the back yard. It's doing well. I'm interested to see how it will be in a couple of years. I like the look of it.

    3. Yes - we have a half moon area where I want to put it. Now that I know you & H have used it I might have to definitely try it!

  2. let me know how the Nads work out. and yeah, potato salad with raisins? ick.

    1. So far so good on the Nads - although I did rip some skin off by being too enthusiastic. Ouch!

  3. What is your fixation with putting raisins in every blessed thing? Do you NOT remember the unpleasant foray into raisins with egg and cheese? STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT.

    1. No no no - no raisins with potatoes! And I definitely remember the travesty of the egg/cheese/grits/raisins combo. NEVER AGAIN! However, I am open to other raisin combos :)

  4. Potato salad with raisins? That does NOT sound good. Like strawberries in spinach salad... :-p

    Google searches can be tricky. Years ago, when I wrote the safety newsletter for the company where I worked, I wanted to include an article about how to repel chiggers (we had techs going out in the woods and high grass). Someone had told me that putting sulfur into your socks would repel chiggers, and that it was sold in sporting goods stores. Doing my diligent research, I wanted to make sure that was true. I didn't know the website address for Dick's Sporting Goods, so I googled "dicks."

    Big mistake.


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