Sunday, May 29, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Twenty-one

 What a horrible week – not for me personally, but nationally. This country is seriously *&#@^$ up (The word you’re imagining there is the actual word that I say out loud at least four times a day. Keep in mind that I wouldn’t even say that word in my HEAD until I was in my forties.). We’re basically going to descend into – I was going to say lawlessness, but actually these are now our laws… Maybe the anarchists have it right – shall we burn it all down & see what happens?

Anyway, on the personal front we had a soggy week which might account for a lack of photos. Never fear – for the three days that we didn’t take pictures I’m inserting more wedding photos. Ha!

Sunday, May 22nd         
This was wedding recovery day (do I sound like I’m being a drama queen? I think maybe I’m being a drama queen. It was my cousin’s daughter’s wedding – I basically helped for a few hours on one day). ANYWAY, Dr. M took some flower photos which made me smile.  

Monday, May 23rd     
And here are some very soggy flowers! Petunias always look so pitiful after they’re rained on – but they do bounce back nicely.

Tuesday, May 24th   
Dr. M took some moody sky pictures. They seemed to match the national mood too.

Wednesday, May 25th         
No picture, so here is a photo of the bride’s grandmothers acting as flower girls for the wedding. If you look to the left at the end of that row, you can see Dr. M, & me beside him about to bawl.

Thursday, May 26th       
Again with the no photos! Here are pictures of the groom and the bride walking down the aisle.

Friday, May 27th      
Final wedding picture just because they look so gorgeous.

Saturday, May 28th       
I haven’t done this in a while – I had leftover Indian food (Chicken Tikki Masala) for breakfast! I had to laugh at my naan – it reminded me of the Venus de Milo (or a frog). Ha!

It’s the return of Nude Roy! He is ADORABLE in his bandana.

I’m planning on calling my representatives this week. I would have done it last week, but I have telephone anxiety. But this should be easy – I have a script to follow (here’s a screenshot of the post where I got the script).  I often have a lot of outrage & not much action. It’s time to change that.


  1. Is that really our Roy? He must have had a summer haircut! He looks pretty darned happy. And those are great wedding photos -- what a great time. That final wedding portrait is just perfect!

    1. Our own nude Roy! He is SO happy!

    2. Yes, a summer shave cut for Roy! He basically is the happiest dog ever.

  2. Roy looks like a completely different dog. I had a long hair persian cat decades ago and his fur would get so matted (never occurred to me to brush the thing on a daily basis) that I would have to take embroidery scissors and trim his hair off. It usually took three sessions because he would get tired of my nipping his skin.

  3. I never thought I would hear you say "burn it all down"!! But I'm with you. This insanity has just got to stop. I can't believe how different Roy looks! Great wedding photos and congrats to the happy couple. And your naan DOES look like the Venus de Milo!!

  4. I share your dismay at the state of things in our country. It's frightening and feels hopeless.

    Thanks for joining the Resistance.

  5. OMG! What happened to Roy? I must have missed his "haircut".


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