Sunday, May 1, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Seventeen

It sure is pretty around here, as you will shortly see with the eleventy billion pictures I’m going to post. Enjoy!
Sunday, April 24th      
Made it to church with my wild & wooly hair. I was trying to tame it a bit before I left the house & found a bit of netting from my shower poof. All righty then.

My dad made waffles for lunch. Note the “syrup” he put out – hahaha!

Our peonies have started their loooooong journey to blooming.

Monday, April 25th   
The Sweet William has started looking positively Seussian.

Tuesday, April 26th
Three stages of Dr. M’s dad’s Dr. Van Fleet rose – plus a very moody sky!

Meanwhile, we had the same moody sky 25 miles away at work. And boy did I stand out!

Wednesday, April 27th         
Seen around the yard. It was nice to see all this beauty since my prayer sister from church passed away in the wee hours of the morning. She’d been sick for a number of months. She was 81, but it was still too soon!

The latest two squares for my Irish wool blanket.

Thursday, April 28th       
The Sweet William looking a little less Seussian.

Friday, April 29th      
Dr. M worked hard making his world famous French Toast Casserole for a brunch that I was attending on Saturday. He is the absolute best.

Saturday, April 30th        
Brunch! This was for my best friend’s daughter who is getting married later in May. The French toast was a hit, and I came home with two pots of petunias as a thank you for Dr. M. 

Meanwhile, Dr. M grabbed this last photo of the phoebe babies – they fledged later in the day & now the nest is empty.

I spent the evening frogging this wrap. I was pretty sure I’d made some errors along the way, but it was the janky edges that made me decide to frog it. This is mohair yarn, so that was a LOT of fun. Fortunately I was able to start back crocheting around 9:00, paying a lot better attention to what the edges look like!

Our director’s last day was Friday (she retired), and it was also the last day for one of our HR generalists, so I’m a little afraid of what tomorrow will be like at work. It will be FINE. Fine. I’m almost sure. Anything you’re dreading this week?


  1. My hair is hard to contain after I wash it.
    I love peonies, but haven't had luck with them yet.
    Those birdies are so cute.
    Leah and i took baby racoons to a rehabber this week after several old trees were taken down on her street. They were cute too, poor things, don't think mother survived.

    1. We were able to grow peonies at our house in Ohio, but I don't know why!

  2. Whatever I'm dreading, it could all be cleared up by lunch with your dad!

  3. I can almost feel that mohair--so soft, but so picky to work with. And now you have to do it twice. Sigh.

    Spring continues to be slow here. Lots of 50s and low 60s with north winds. But the crabapples are blooming, and they are spectacular.

    1. Yes - and I'm on row six & already shaking my head because something is awry. I obviously can't do this pattern & ANYTHING ELSE at the same time!

  4. Your Irish wool blanket is going to be spectacular. How did he make that casserole? I was going to try one but the recipe called for a lot of corn syrup which put me off. It's amazing how fast baby birds fledge.

    1. Phoebes take just over two weeks from hatching to fledging. Robins are even faster. It is amazing. This recipe only uses a cup of brown sugar! It can be served with fruit or berries, or with syrup. I'll have Dana send you the recipe.

  5. I do like the 'granny' square blanket you're working on. Are all the squares different? Interesting syrup choices.

    1. Yes - the Moogly blog posts a new square every two weeks. I think it's a lot of fun.

  6. That's some serious syrup! I'm glad to see the phoebe babies a final time and glad they apparently fledged safely. Love the sweet william, too.

  7. Yeah - I didn't try that syrup. Ha! The phoebe babies were a hoot!


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