Sunday, July 9, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Twenty-seven

Dr. M took my “suggestion” and did a post of daylilies. We have some pictured below for this week, but you should check out his post here.
Sunday, July 2nd   
I was aggressively patriotic today. Ha!

Monday, July 3rd               
I applied for a temporary “disability placard” & my doctor approved me for the 5 year one! This will make life much easier. Dr. M wanted to name it Jean Luc Placard, but I said that it looked more like Professor X from the X-Men. So we compromised & named it Patrick Stewart.

Tuesday, July 4th                                
I had the growing out my bangs blues today. Also, today I figured out that I really can’t navigate the steps into our house (there are only three!). That split second where all my weight is on my bad hip is just too much – I can practically feel the bones crunching. And I’m not coordinated enough to hop up them – and I’m not going to try to sit down & scoot up them because I would then have to somehow get back up off the ground once I got to the top. So, Dr. M is getting a ramp for me to use, and I’m staying in the house until it’s done!

We did have a really nice day - took lunch to Dr. M's dad & then my brother and sister-in-law brought dinner to us that night. 

While all that drama was going on, my father was marrying his Sue – in Hawaii! They’ve been on a honeymoon cruise and get back tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear all about their trip!

Wednesday, July 5th                          
Seen around the yard.

And just because, here’s another picture of the Full Roy.

Thursday, July 6th                       
Nothing makes my heart go pitty pat more than getting new yarn. Well, maybe chocolate…

More daylilies…

Friday, July 7th           
Panel one of four. The toes are for scale - ha!

Saturday, July 8th               
Today I had the fabulous idea to put some of my dad’s fresh green beans on my egg salad & potato chip sandwich. But, you know, it was not at all tasty. I was surprised! I took the beans off. Next time I try I think I’ll cook them first.

The moon!!

I’m thankful that our house is big and airy, and I have all of you people to entertain me during my “confinement.” (And said confinement will be pretty short, actually.) What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I still think you should make your neighbors and Dr M share Roy with you. If he isn't a therapy dog, I don't what one is. Take care. :)


  2. Is Full Roy mad or is that his doggie smile?

    1. Just being a dog...I was shooting with a zoom lens. He's NEVER mad, that I know of...such a sweet ol' thing!

  3. I am thankful that I have your friendship and Dr. M's. The next time I do groceries, I will get green beans, potato chips and mayo. My bangs need trimmed before I go and visit my cousins on Wednesday. Thank you for sharing. I hope your Dad and his new bride enjoyed an amazing time and will continue to enjoy their love together.

  4. Egg salad and potato chips? I've never heard of such. But I must say -- it sounds rather good. It sounds very good. Perhaps I'll forego the egg salad and just have chips. Does Roy like chips? I'll bet a chip or two would do the trick -- he'd be yours forever. On the other hand, he seems to have fit right in as it is. He surely is a handsome guy.

    That ramp's a good idea. When Mom was recovering from her broken ankle at my place, the only way she could get up and down steps was on her rump. We designated one pair of slacks as her stair-sliding pair, and then crossed our fingers that they'd hold up until she could walk again. They did.

    Congrats to your dad and his bride! Somehow I missed that a wedding was coming up -- that's just great.

    1. The ramp is on its way! It is fold-up, portable, so it will be of great use the next 6-10 weeks (we don't know at this point). Roy is the sweetest dog ever! He doesn't need chips, lol. Thanks for your friendship...hard times. The wedding was in Hawaii, so obviously we did not attend, but I am very happy for them! They need each other.

  5. I'm the same way with yarn.
    I have the hardest time with that yarn though - it always gets frayed where it clumps up on me. UGH. I love how soft it is though.

  6. Oh, Bug! I don't know what's worse--Growing Out Blues or your lousy hip making even three steps such Agony. I'm so sorry--about both! Why is life So Hard?

    I'm with Rebecca Jo about that yarn. It looks wonderful, but it is a real bitch to work with. My mother dumped a bunch of that stuff on me, and I keep shoving it to the bottom of my basket. I'll use it up eventually, but at least for knitting, it's awful.

    (Jean Luc Placard--Winner. I'm sticking with that name, no question.)

    1. Thanks, Nance! I thought Jean Luc Placard was inspired...heart is breaking for her, but I am mad stubborn, so we get by. Love you from afar, beautiful soul.

  7. Yarn leaves me cold, but I'm with you on the chocolate. I hope you get your ramp soon, and the surgery, too.

    I let my bangs grow out ONCE in my entire adult life. Horrible two years. And then I looked in the mirror. What was I thinking??? I'm meant to have bangs or else my face looks like your last Saturday picture.

    1. Standing on the shoulders of giants leaves me cold...REM reference...ramp ordered...should greatly improve mobility over the next six weeks or so.

  8. I love potato chips on tuna fish sandwiches and on pimento cheese sandwiches. Why'd you have to go and make me think of that.

    I'm so sorry you're having such a bad time of it. I hope the ramp is working for you. The disability placard should help. Sometimes we need those things.

  9. I meant, hope the ramp "will" work for you "when" you get it.

  10. I'm surprised the beans didn't work on the sandwich! Love the patriotic outfit, the daylilies and "Patrick Stewart" -- LOL!

  11. Perhaps you should publish a "Exotic Sandwiches" cookbook ;)
    Freshly snapped grenn beans can be a tasty snack.

    Loved Dr. M's day lily post--an unbelievable variety.


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