Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bedwetter Irascible Awnings (A Dr. M Guest Post)

I just have to post about my new shade: the Bedwetter Irascible Awning! The swing frame is reinforced by a large rusty C-clamp (actually more of a D-clamp), the old awning frame is held together with duct tape, and the extended awning is supported by an antique tobacco stick and held in place by clothespins and a hair thingamabob. 

At Bedwetter Irascible Awnings, it's the little things that matter, such as our aforementioned decorative yet functional front clip,

our quick-release pins for the awning extension flaps, which allow you to compensate for late-afternoon sun angles, 

 and our up-cycled, accented wood support for the awning extension! 

Note also that your safety is top priority, as evidenced in the rusty clamp (hey, you know it's steel if it rusts like that!) and the extensive use of top-quality tape to maintain your awning frame's integrity. 

And while you're looking at the details, note the perfectly distressed quality of our awning material! With each one literally years in the making, we think we offer the most distinct awnings in the industry!

Bedwetter Awnings now come with Kewl Blu liners, with NASA approved reflective technology! 

The "space blanket" was developed in 1964 as a part of the Apollo program. This is the "emergency blanket" version...coated with reflective material on one side to hold in body heat in situations where hypothermia is a possibility. Inversely, it makes for a nice shelter half, is mostly waterproof, and makes for some cool shade with the reflective side up. 

There you have it folks - the latest in shade technology. You know you want one! But better hurry - these babies will be jumping off the shelves! Or falling...


  1. Most impressive technology - it's amazing what they can do !

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. as evidenced in the rusty clamp
    Hey, duct tape or a c-clamp can fix anything.

  4. if it doesn't move and it should - WD40, if it does move and it shouldn't - gaffa tape. Otherwise leave it alone. First rule(s) of basic DIY

  5. If I ever were to be stranded on an island, Robinson Crusoe style, I'd want to be with the both of you!

    Dana would crochet clothing out of coconut husks, and Dr. M would construct shelter out of anything. Maybe even a sail boat...

    1. What I have are a particular set of skills...skills acquired over many years... ;-)

  6. OMG! That awning is a fine example of ingenuity. I'm a shade person. This pale skin never sees the sun.
    You look cute in a cap. Somehow, I look homeless when I wear a hat or cap. It does something disturbing to my face.

    That scarf/shawl is cool.


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