Sunday, May 10, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Nineteen

Happy Mother's Day! Dr. M & I are missing our moms today...

Busy busy week around here! Exam week & graduation for Dr. M, meetings, work, & meetings for me… But we each still took some time to look around us…

Sunday, May 3rd      
My daily walk. As I said on Facebook – I encountered the neighborhood criminal element. First they made me put my hands up, then they wanted me to take their picture. Ha!

Dr. M & I hanging out by the fire…

The moon!

Monday, May 4th  
Working on a new square…

Mowed when I got home – Heather was the only miscreant that I encountered.

Tuesday, May 5th           
Dr. M documented the pansies and petunias – pretty!

Female goldfinch. Makes me smile to look out the back window & see a flash of yellow.

My daily walk. My neighborhood is just strange!

I still haven’t sent off the scarf I made. Dr. M was amused at where I’ve been keeping it while I procrastinate.

Wednesday, May 6th   
Lunch (well, part of my lunch – I had a frozen dinner later).

Still working on that square. I took a picture of the “bobble” detail – interesting stitch!

Dr. M saw some pretty irises…

Thursday, May 7th    
I roamed around the yard taking pictures. Miss Pinky was NOT happy about the 30 degree nights we had after we brought her outside, but she’s recovering. Rosie is turning back into a rose bush (previously, she was a bunch of sticks – ha!). And Daisy Nation is on the rise :)

We were sitting outside on the swing & saw a rainbow!

Friday, May 8th  
I went with Dr. M up to his university & crocheted in his office while he attended Honors Convocation. He cleans up pretty well, doesn’t he?

Well, before I crocheted, I went for a walk around campus.

Saturday, May 9th              
Dr. M bought some Better Boys – I’ll let you know if they really are better. Ha!

Finished that darn square – only three more to go before a new one is unveiled on Thursday!


Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Just what is that strange figure from your Tuesday walk? I'd be afraid of encountering it in the dark if I didn't know what it was!

    Your salad looks yummy! I love colorful little peppers.

    And I still think that Dr. M in his robe and hat looks a bit like Henry VIII (just the looks - obviously NOT the personality!)

  2. You post such interesting autobiographical photographs. I always enjoy them.

  3. You DO have a very strange neighborhood.

    Isn't that second "mom" picture from the Florida Citrus Tower in Clermont? (Or maybe the similar citrus tower in Lake Placid?) I'm pretty sure I recognize it!

    1. Looks like Florida to me, Steve...that's Dana's mom holding her younger brother Joe, with our Bug tugging on her arm <3

    2. Good call, but then again, you would know :-)

  4. I like the new square and lots of pretty pictures.

  5. Enjoying your neighborhood adventures!
    Liking the growing crocheted square.
    "El profe está muy guapo."

  6. Looks like a dangerous neighborhood with those hooligans hanging around. :) So cute that they wanted you to take their picture.

    Sorry you are missing your mom...that day holds such a range of strong emotions for people. Its humbling to be someone's mother and realize the powerful influence I hold.

    Dr. M looks quite distinguished!

  7. You never know where you will run into the criminal element. Good thing you were able to shoot them (with your camera, of course). Poor Miss Pinky. I wish her a speedy recovery.

    I know what you mean about seeing a flash of yellow. I always look forward to when they get their color back. H put the first bird feeder up at the new house yesterday.

    Love your scarf holder.

    1. Miss Pinky is rebounding nicely. That was a close one! When we moved her out, I pruned some of her longer strands, as they tend to break in the wind anyway. But then she didn't like the heat and lost some leaves, and then it turned cold, and she lost more leaves and a few branches. She'll be awhile filling out, but she is putting on new, healthy leaves now.


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