Sunday, May 24, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Twenty-one

“This week was finchy & flowery, and churchy… Dr. M & I both took lots and lots of pictures – I promise that I did actually leave out a bunch, even though I’m sure it doesn’t look like it here.” That’s last week’s intro. Exchange doves for finches, add some squirrels & toads, and you’ve got this week too. Ha!

Sunday, May 17th      
Today we had a rogation service at church. Instead of meeting at our usual time and place, in the afternoon we headed out to the new property of one of our parishioners. We walked the fields while the priest blessed various things, had Eucharist, and then like all good ChurchPeople everywhere, we ate. It was a really really good day.

Monday, May 18th  
Dr. M took pictures of our hanging baskets, and our neighbor’s hybrid poppies and roses.

The first of two pictures of squirrels eating corn. This is the corn that the squirrels planted in our raised bed last year – we put it away for winter & then forgot about it. They’re enjoying it now.

That evening we enjoyed the fire pit and saw a toad. This was a good day too.

Tuesday, May 19th           
Random dove. I love their blue eyeliner, and the way they are so ungraceful when they come in for a landing.

The moon!

Wednesday, May 20th   
Squirrel sitting in his own special chair eating corn.

Thursday, May 21st     
Another dove and another squirrel – and a robin & its shadow.

My daily walk – chasing the sun!

The moon (and friend).

Friday, May 22nd
Peonies! Dr. M knows they’re my favorite flower. They are all over the cemeteries up here. He drove by one & took the time to take these pictures for me. Sweet!

I took a break from work to help hang our Pentecost doves in our sanctuary. On Facebook I said, “Filed under: Senior Warden, other duties as required. ‪#‎Pentecost

My daily walk. The pink latex glove with bunny ears made me laugh & laugh.


Saturday, May 23rd               
Doesn’t this squirrel look like he’s running from the law?

I finished this scarf/shawl today. I’ll share pictures the completed project later (I’m blocking the ends of it).

I also spend a lot of time cutting “flames” out of construction paper. Then I went over to the church & attached them to dowels which I then affixed to the windowsills with those little stick on mailbox flag holders (Dr. M painted them white for me). It was quite a process! And I’m not super happy with the result, but I figure I got it started so other, more crafty, folks can “fix” it.

Dr. M got a new camera lens, which has macro and zoom capabilities (Sigma 18-250). He’s pretty pleased with it!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I think your "flames" turned out well! The scarf/shawl is nice too.

  2. I love the chair for the squirrel while it is eating. and peonies are so gorgeous but don't grow down here. too hot I guess. and your flames look fine to me.

  3. Love the doves, the paper and live ones!
    Learned a new word and about the tradition--rogation. Like prayer-walking, I like that! And it comes from the Latin root "rogare" (to plead). Also one of the most used verbs in Spanish prayers.

  4. I love peonies and we used to have some really beautiful ones in WI. But come the first rain, my husband ran out and lopped them off. He couldn't stand the droops.

  5. The squirrel's chair looks a bit like a squirrel throne, don't you think?

    Love all the flowers, but the peonies are the prettiest. I can see why they are your favorite. And before I realized that you were hanging paper doves, I thought you were changing a light bulb...and I was going to tell you that joke about How many [insert denomination] does it take to change a light bulb? Ha!

  6. Doesn’t this squirrel look like he’s running from the law?

    My thought was of a secret agent squirrel out to save the world's supply of acorns.

    1. Secret Agent Squirrel, Secret Agent Squirrel...they've given you a number, and taken away your name...

  7. so many cuddly things!! (ok maybe not the toad)


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