Saturday, September 23, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Thirty-eight

I think it might be undeniably fall now. I mean, meteorologically and calendarically (yes, I know that’s not a word). Also, it’s been cooler and the light has shifted to that special light you only get in the fall. I hate it. Gorgeous. Pleasant. DARK. OK, maybe hate is a strong word. But even though my personality type likes home and cozy, I personally prefer to sit in my house barefooted with the air conditioner running. Grump grump grump. 

Sunday, September 17th        
I mentioned last week that I stayed home and introverted. Fortunately, my dad’s good daughter (my step-mother’s daughter Cathy) and her husband took him out for his birthday. Meanwhile, I made our favorite asparagus & tomato sheet pan side dish to go with dinner. Pretty!

Monday, September 18th                 
Our asters and sedum are so lovely now. And the bees are (obviously) still happy with them.

Tuesday, September 19th                     
Last week Shoreacres asked about how my new glasses work. So here is a demonstration!

Wednesday, September 20th                              
Dr. M says, “Life, uh, finds a way.”

Thursday, September 21st                          
We had shifted the mirror in the bedroom so I couldn’t see myself when I was in bed, but then I looked up on Thursday & there I was! I’m not sure what happened (wait – I do know – I cleaned the mirror & obviously moved it without knowing it).  

Friday, September 22nd                           
Dr. M took a little Friday ramble. OK, I acknowledge that this is pretty. Maybe I don’t hate fall.

Saturday, September 23rd                  
My Enneathought email made me laugh so I posted it on Instagram. Seriously, I see nothing to work on here.

I ordered MORE toppers for my glasses this week. I seriously (might) be done for now, but I needed some that were more fall oriented. That’s my story anyway. What guilty pleasure are you indulging in these days?


  1. none. I refuse to feel guilty about my pleasures.

  2. Your creative glasses framing is niggling at my mind. I vaguely remember something from my past that could be changed to create different 'looks' -- and no, I don't mean Mr. Potato Head! Whatever it was, it feels like it was around my junior or senior high school years, which would be very late 50s or early 60s. I'll ponder it. I really like the teal blue speckles. The black and white? You could scare me to death with those. They're just too similar to my high school biology teacher's glasses. I still remember her with high anxiety. She was at least 20' tall, and had eyes like bunsen burners.

    I don't feel exactly guilty about it, but when I finally got home from roaming around the refuges yesterday, cooking was not high on my list, and cereal just wasn't going to do it. So: for the first time since early March (when I was out looking for wildflowers in the hill country), I went to McDonalds. I ordered a double quarter pounder with cheese, and it was delicious. I told my arteries to sit down and be quiet.

    Maybe your onion was imitating the vines on your salt and pepper shakers.

    1. This is later than you're thinking, but I had one of those purses with the wooden handles that you could button different covers to. I loved that bag! And sorry about scaring you! Also, that hamburger sounds delicious!


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