Sunday, October 1, 2023

2023 Project 365 – Week Thirty-nine

I am writing from my hermit cave so I’m not sure how many words you’ll get here (who am I kidding – there will be many words).

Sunday, September 24th        
Had lunch at Dad & Sue’s after church. He had finished one of his birthday puzzles. This was a fun one – it had humongous pieces.

Monday, September 25th                 
My root canal was fine. I was just being dramatic (as per usual).

Tuesday, September 26th                     
It wasn’t until I was brushing my teeth that I realized I’d left my Fitbit charging on my desk at work. I’m really glad that I did notice – I use it as my alarm & who knows when I would have woken up!

Wednesday, September 27th                              
I thought I was cute today with my new fall toppers.

Thursday, September 28th                           
I also got Carolina Hurricanes toppers. I might be done purchasing them for a while. Maybe.

Friday, September 29th                         
No photo.
Saturday, September 30th                   
I worked the Pride Festival booth for my church today. My sister-in-law Brenda (who doesn’t even go to my church) put SO MUCH effort & thought into our booth! It was thanks to her & my brother (& my cousin & her husband) that the day went so well. It was a lot of fun!

However, I spent a lot of time talking to people & putting temporary tattoos on people (mostly children) & I was wiped out by the end of the day. Phew! 

I’m writing this on October 1st while watching the final regular season game for the Atlanta Braves. You would not believe the number of records they’ve broken this year. It’s been such a fun season to watch! Next week I’ll probably bore you by listing all of the accomplishments. Ooh – maybe I’ll do a whole separate post so you can just skip it altogether! Something for all of us to look forward to!


  1. After a nerve-wracking year, with some abysmal play, the Houston Astros are playing their last game this very minute, and are up 5-0 over Arizona. I think if they win they will be Division champs, but don't quote me on that one. I can't sort out baseball standings any better than I can figure out the game. I'll have to wait for someone to tell me.

    What is it that makes those hurricane glass toppers 'hurricane'? The swirly pattern, or the color? I like them, and I like the autumn ones. If that company's customers all are as enthusiastic as you, they're rolling in dough.

    I laughed at my reaction to the completed puzzle. Whoever designed that one took a bit of poetic license -- such a combination of flora and fauna never existed in nature! The coyote would have eaten the raccoon, for one thing!

    1. It's the team colors for the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team. If you look closely you can see their logo in the corner. You are correct about them rolling in the dough - it's kind of addictive, and I'll bet the cost to make the toppers is minimal.

  2. You are the toppers' key demographic, for sure. When I wore contacts and needed readers, I used to buy 99-cent ones in all kinds of fun shapes and colours/patterns to match my outfits. I had a huge basket full of them. So, I get it. It's a far better habit than smoking or drinking or chasing men! LOL

  3. scratch on the cheek? have a little accident?

    1. It's actually a little temporary tattoo of some hearts, but it really does look like I injured myself. It didn't show up very well!

  4. I'm glad you explained the cheek (above)! I love the Pride Booth, of course. :)

  5. “She doesn’t even go here!” Think hoco and prahm.


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