Sunday, July 24, 2016

All Yarn, All the Time

It's been a while since I shared what I've had on my hook. Basically, it's been blanket city around here. I did make a couple of scrubby things for someone at work, but I haven't taken pictures of those yet.

First up, the Temperature Monster. Not pictured: the red row I got to make yesterday. Please note that red is for temps over 88 degrees (at 7 p.m.). Only two of those so far this year. Otherwise, it's been a REALLY ORANGE summer. In more ways than one, obviously.

Here are the Moogly 2016 Crochet Along squares you haven't seen yet - numbers 10 - 14.

Funny story about the last set you see there. I had ordered some of my yarn online and when I pulled it out I was all irate about how the color of the teal yarn was extremely off. I grumbled but went ahead & used it. Then I realized that I had accidentally pulled out the sapphire blue yarn (that I use for the middle blanket there). No wonder the color was off! I shall make you guess which square has the wrong yarn. I think you can tell if you click on the picture. I'll reveal the answer on my next post.

Happy Monday everyone - hope you have a fabulous week!


  1. Wait, you go by the temperature at 7 PM? Hmmm, sounds like a climate-denier made these rules. ;)

    Somehow I missed how the size of the monster would be derived. X number of stitches per day, per temp? Inquiring minds and all that. What ARE you going to do with this when the new year rolls around?

    Nice work on the squares.

  2. Lovely pieces of crochet! You're very talented!

  3. I love the way that temperature blanket is turning out. Such a great idea -- and actually going by the temp at 7 p.m. seems to make sense, since you'd have more moderate temps and higher (I think?) variability at that time. Is that the reason?

    I can't for the life of me see which square has the wrong yarn.

  4. This heat wave is The Worst. I hope it doesn't kill your affection for Orange.

  5. apparently it got up to 100˚ here on Saturday. and it's not even august. the squares are gorgeous but I'm not even going to try and guess.

  6. Love the colors and can only imagine the time and energy it must take to make these wonderful items.

  7. OK - I've missed the temperature blanket rules too - but it is GORGEOUS. I think I need to dig deeper because this sounds like something TOTALLY up my ally to do next year.

  8. That temperature blanket will end up not being "just a blanket" - it will be a piece of weather history!

    Wrong color yarn? Girl, I can understand red, green, and blue...beyond that I'm lost.

  9. Love that temperature blanket. It would have a lot more red in it if I did it.

    I can't tell which square has the wrong color.

  10. The temperature blanket is an intriguing idea.

  11. I am totally in love with that temperature blanket. Only 155 more rows to complete.

  12. I don't know whether to say your temperature blanket is cool, or that it warms the cockles of my heart. (What's a heart cockle, anyway?) That's a project that I might be willing to take on, if I could knit or crochet. But I believe I'll just admire yours, instead. It's surely worth it.

    Now -- I'm off to enlarge the photo and ponder which square is "off."

    1. Hmmm... I think it's the square that's mostly black, with the little flower-like thingie in the middle.


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