Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday Twaddle

Dr. M and I are emerging from our shock, and we've started making plans for moving forward. We really appreciate all the kind things you guys said on my last post! And meanwhile, life continues to move along. 

On Saturday I got most of my hair chopped off. I'm So Glad to have all that hair off of my neck!

When I first started making Hello Fresh meals I was using a 10" x 8" cutting board. Entirely inadequate! Then Dr. M remembered that we had a really nice cutting board that we'd been using as a base for our table-top Christmas tree. So we brought that sucker in from the garage, cleaned & oiled it, and it's just the best thing ever.

The other day I was mowing and G-Man had a bit of an accident. He was supposed to be guarding the sunflowers so that I didn't accidentally mow them. As I said on Facebook, "G-Man was valiant in his effort to protect his charges from the evil lawn mower. Although he fell, the sunflowers still stand; a testament to his bravery." And then two days later we had a bloom! Great job G-Man!

In her last post, Nance from The Dept. thereof, was talking about how she has too many tables in her house. I mentioned that we only have one table that I think of as superfluous, but that I didn't want to part with it because it was a manicure table from my grandmother's beauty shop. Plus, my sister-in-law refinished it so that it looks great. Right now it's in our bedroom with the plant from Dr. M's office on it (he had brought it home for the summer). It's kind of in the way, but I think it might just have to live there. It's Pinky's table in the winter, and after all, you do have to make sacrifices for your children. 

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, some gratuitous pictures of our girl that clearly show why we call her Miss Pinky Two Tone.


  1. I'm grateful for these pictorial updates. The do is cute!

  2. It's been a momentous year for both of you. Epic. It is a year for looking forward to new adventures as you put the past behind you. There are wonderful experiences waiting for you in the months ahead. Before you know it everything will be coming up geraniums and sunflowers.... pink and pretty... you will see.

  3. Life does just keep moving along. Glad you have a plan to move with it :)
    Love your hair!
    i need a bigger cutting board too - I end up using like 3 at once when I do my Blue Apron

  4. Thanks for the mention! That is a nice and Useful Table. Keep looking around for unusual places for it to function. You never know where it might end up.

  5. We move furniture all the time, looking for the right spot for things. After a few attempts, some things just end up in the garage.

  6. bi-polar geranium. glad y'all are getting over the shock and forming some plans. it will be interesting to see where it goes.

  7. I love your haircut! And the re-purposed table from your Grandmother's beauty shop.

    Now I know what I need...a bigger cutting board. Maybe that will inspire me to do some more actual cooking!

    1. And I was curious about your plans...anything you can share yet? Many, many years ago when I was just finishing college and Dave was laid off from his job, we realized we had to move away from his hometown, where he just couldn't find work. I remember we pulled out the atlas and figuratively threw darts at the map of the United States. He even traveled to Charlotte, NC, a few times, for job fairs and interviews...but then we ended up in Buffalo for four years.

      I remember it was a very exciting time in our life, even though it was scary at the same time. It was the thought of new and fresh beginnings that was very inspiring.

  8. So I'm not the only one who's used a cutting board as a base for a Christmas tree. They truly are multi-purpose gems, those boards. But yours is much better than mine. I like that groove around the outside.

    I think that sunflower blooming is a sign of sunnier days ahead. That's what I hope, anyhow!

  9. I'm glad you're both adapting to the changes! It will be a process. I don't blame you for wanting to keep that table -- and yeah, that's a good cutting board!

  10. Super cute hair! And I love that you are eating fresh!

  11. Also, Boston has over 100 colleges and universities. 😉

  12. Yes, the new do, new you looks fantastic. And I also have love for Miss Pinky!

  13. Miss Pinky keeps on going, doesn't she? I once had an orange tree that I kept for years. In fact, I used to have lots of house plants, but I don't have any now. I do love the outdoor flowers, though.


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