2014 Project 365 – Week Thirty-nine

After a month of VERY BUSY things seem to have calmed down around here. We shall see how long that lasts!

Sunday, September 21st    
Seen around the yard – the flowers of fall… And corn & tomatoes!

My daily walk. I loved the decorated door. And I’m curious about who the yellow ribbon is for..

Monday, September 22nd    
It was Amy’s birthday today. Still glad you’re around to make my dad happy!
Fall in our Ohio…

And critters!

My daily walk. I was intrigued by this pollarded tree – which I had apparently never noticed in the 50 times I’ve walked by it this summer. Ha!

Tuesday, September 23rd  
Dr. M broke out the pirate flag to keep the sun away when we sit on the swing. I told him that he was allowed to smile in pictures & that we all wanted to see his dimples. His response? “I am disinclined to acquiesce.” Well! :)

While he was sitting out there he took pictures of birds.

My daily walk. I want to know why there was a sailboat shaped piece of bread on the sidewalk!

Wednesday, September 24th  
My daily walk. Waited until after choir practice. It was a BIT dark!

Thursday, September 25th
Heather models my latest crochet project. A friend is attending a party for someone who just gained his U.S. citizenship, so she requested a patriotic headband.

My daily walk. “The Stoop” is actually a section of sidewalk. Hmm…

Friday, September 26th
My cell phone case broke so I decided to get a penguin – ha!

Dr. M took a picture of one of my favorite scenes. I love it when the hay rolls are released to roam over the fields.

Working on another prayer shawl. I’m using up all the scraps in my basket.

My daily walk. Another day, another abandoned TV set.

Saturday, September 27th    
My daily walk. We’ve been really dry here, but someone had apparently washed their car & left behind these puddles.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Hope it stays calm for you for a while. "Very busy" is OK for a bit, but if life gets too stressful for too long, it takes a toll on you. My evening walks have been so late that it's often too dark to take pictures. :-(

    Your collage for Sunday is beautiful! I love your new cell phone case. And the rolls of hay are so much prettier than the rolls of snow (what were they called...Ohio tumbleweeds?).

  2. "I am disinclined to aquiesce" - what a great response.

  3. Great pictures. But I'm waiting for a close-up of the tax pig. Take care.

  4. I love the penguin cell-phone case! And man, that looks like an OLD television. Hence the reason it's sitting on the sidewalk, I suppose.

  5. That phone case is absolutely you! I drove past a TV Graveyard yesterday. There must have been a half-dozen of those poor things on the side of the road. You really cannot give them away.

  6. Love what you're doing with your hair. I'm tempted to have mine cut, but I'm resisting out of Baby Boomer rebellion.

    The prayer shawl looks like art. Reminds me of the mountains.

  7. Another great week recap. Send me your address. Somehow I have come into the possession of a big box of yarn which I will gladly send to you.

  8. Like Heather's headband and the scrappy shawl.


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