2014 Project 365 – Week Thirty-seven

What a crazy busy week! I haven’t read a blog in ages (so so so very sorry!!!), and I haven’t responded to comments on my blog. I did want to tell Steve Reed that the lunchbox was just in the middle of the sidewalk, as if a child had been playing with it & left it behind – but it was so artfully placed that I wondered if it was left on purpose instead. There was a pile of sand behind it that looked like maybe it was supposed to be Treasure Island. Fun!

Dr. M has helped me out this week by doing two blog posts – one with hummingbirds and The Moon, and another with sunflowers. I’m including a couple of pictures of each here, but you should check his blog out for some really GOOD pictures. 

Sunday, September 7th   
I took my daily walk before I left on my business trip to western NY.

I had to laugh – when I exited the toll road it said that the next exit was Canada. Very exciting!

While I was driving northeast, Dr. M was responding to a challenge. If you’ll recall he created tomato Ohio last week. I give you…Tomato North Carolina!

The moon!

Monday, September 8th    
In East Aurora, NY, I got up pretty early & took my daily walk before meeting my boss for breakfast.

Meanwhile, Dr. M took pictures of the jungle that is our back yard.

A sunflower preview!

That evening my boss & I drove to Horseheads, NY. This was waiting in my hotel. Ha!

 The moon!

Tuesday, September 9th
With short hair comes the possibility reality of bed head.

Another brief walk before heading to our Horseheads office.

Driving home, this was my fuel for the road.

Wednesday, September 10th  
Our diocese has been scheduling Google photographers to go to all of our churches to do a virtual tour of each one. Today was our church’s turn. I went over this morning to set up the altar & took a few (quite inferior I’m sure) shots of my own.

My daily walk – a bit moody out.

I was so vegetable deprived on the trip that I thawed out some of my dad’s okra & stir fried it. Pretty tasty!

Thursday, September 11th
My daily walk. Dr. M flew this flag in remembrance of the anniversary of the War of 1812, but it seems apropos of this day as well, don’t you think?

Friday, September 12th
Our Ohio.

My daily walk.

Two more tomato states – Texas & Tennessee. Please note that these are not all the same tomatoes – we’ve been eating & giving them away as fast as we can!

Saturday, September 13th    
Dr. M took me around to look at sunflowers today – such a glorious day! Again, his blog has better pictures. I had to laugh at the one of the two of us – I was handing him the phone, saying, “My arm isn’t long enough to take this picture.” Ha!


My daily walk – went to the park along the river.

Have a great week!


  1. I love how the sign implies that all of Canada has just one exit. Like it's Parsippany or something.

    The tomato North Carolina is amazingly accurate! Look at the Outer Banks!

    Your trip to upstate New York sounds fun. I have no idea where East Aurora and Horseheads are, but it's always fun to get a change of scenery, right?

    Funny about the lunchbox...

  2. our tomatoes (really, our whole garden) has been a bit behind. We have lots of cherry tomatoes, but they are all very green. We had cool weather move in this week, but it looks like there won't be an issue of frost for a bit.

    So great how you get out there and move everyday!

  3. Ha! I know that exit! Intimately! I even remember what the sign just past that toll booth says: Ridge Road, Lackawanna, West Seneca. ♥♥♥ Those are my old stomping grounds.

    And I love the jungle in your back yard!

  4. Mr. M knows his states! Do you eat them state by state?
    The moon, the moody sky, wow!

  5. There's so much to like about this post. The hummingbirds are so cute, as is your hair. I want that hair. The tomato states are a hoot, and love your backyard jungle.

  6. Your church is so pretty with its red doors and Gothic stone. It reminds me of my old school building...way back when I used to teach. LOL.


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