This is not my Project 365 Post

It's 9:30 at night & I have over 70 pictures to edit and, really people, I'm whupped. I'll post my week in pictures tomorrow night. Until then, enjoy these pictures of buffaloes! Dr. M took them last week & I forgot to include them.


  1. Rest. More better cows tomorrow? :)


  2. Wait...what? that's not Young's Jersey Dairy? LOL! I loved accidentally finding a bison ranch in Clark County, OH. The baby buff butt in the second one is the cutest thing.

  3. Maybe this can BE your week in pictures. You don't have to post a photo for every day, do you? (Or DO you?? Are those the rules?) At any rate, I think these are fine looking buffalo. :)

  4. Rest. Relax. Repeat.

    We can wait. I know what you mean by whupped!


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