Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

This week is all about Fort Pansy – although I don’t have many pictures of it here. Go to Dr. M’s blog to check it out – here and here.

Sunday, April 12th     
On my way to church I noticed a whisker growing out of my face. For heaven’s sake. Do they make magnifying mirrors with a “bright as the sun” feature?

Our back yard.

I took a walk at the fen. A lovely day!

At Christmas time we replaced our non-refillable oil candles in all the windows at church. But we didn’t have any way of knowing which of them still had oil in them - & I didn’t want to just throw them away with oil in them, so I brought them home to finish burning them. Dr. M. made a nice ritual of it.

Monday, April 13th  
Dr. M found some flowers today. :)

My daily walk, where I met Baby the dog. She wasn’t very happy with the thunder we were hearing!

Tuesday, April 14th         

Dr. M brought home some sunshine today!

Wednesday, April 15th  
Squirrel – a juvenile I think.

I videoed a song during choir practice – just to see how we sounded. This is a screen shot of the video. You can't say I don't open my mouth wide enough when I sing :)

Thursday, April 16th    
Our maple tree is budding out, the primrose is blooming again (although some critter loves to eat on it), and Fort Pansy got the addition of some tulips.

Friday, April 17th    
My daily walk.

The next square in the series – this is pattern number 8. Quite a few ends to weave in!

Saturday, April 18th            
I went to set up the altar at church & turned on my walking app just for giggles – ha!

Tulips! And also some crocuses – Fort Pansy is quite lovely!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Colour, colour and more colour. A whole lot of work involved here Dana. Well done you!

  2. Now that the tulip trees are in bloom, I might even be able to put the snow shovels away. MAYBE.

  3. right?! we have a bright florescent light in our bathroom that I thought showed everything until I visited a friend who gets direct morning sunlight into her bathroom. OMG.

    we have to plant pansies in the fall. or at the latest in February. gets too hot here for them much past April.

    very cool, burning the oil candles.

  4. Such beautiful flowers. Not too many around me right now, but the weather is definitely warming up.

  5. Must say you are quite photogenic, and I didn't even notice the whisker!
    Liked Dr. M's ritual.

  6. You could show a thousand photos of squirrels and they'd all look different (and they'd all make me smile)!

    Love Monday's collage - as a former co-worker used to say, it looks like spring threw up all over. And your back yard pictures always make me want to garden and plant stuff...but I leave the house at 7 a.m. and come home at 7 p.m. (usually), and I'm just too damn tired. You and Dr. M wanna come and plant my garden?

    1. Imatellyawhat...another "early spring" like this one, and I'll take you up on that! We were frozen solid when you could have been planting onions, taters, pansies, etc. Then we could come back up here and do it all over again :-)

  7. ...where I met Baby the dog. She wasn’t very happy with the thunder we were hearing!

    My wife's dogs do the same thing. When there is a thunderstorm and she isn't home they try their best to crawl under me.

  8. I love, love spring. Your tulip and jonqquill photos are beautiful.

    So glad you found your stray whisker. I seriously need to get a magnified mirror, but I'm afraid. So afraid.


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