Sunday, November 4, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Forty-four

This is my annual rant about how I hate standard time. Not a morning person, we were pretty darned annoyed to have to turn the lights on in the house at 5:30 pm, it makes me cranky, blah blah blah. I'd say that I wish we’d pick a time and stick to it, but just like last week, I’m a liar. I want it to be daylight saving time all year round!
Sunday, October 28th                              
I sang in the choir today (they needed an alto), but I’m sparing you the picture I took of me in my choir robe – only because I have PLENTY of other selfies this week. Instead you get this picture of an afghan square. It’s my 4th colorway in the 20th pattern – 4 more patterns to go & then I have to assemble these puppies.

Monday, October 29th                                        
I broke down & plugged in this ancient & terrifying space heater at work. My office was about 64 degrees, but since I pay the energy bill I was loathe to turn the heat on. This monster probably uses as much energy as the heat pump though, don’t you reckon?

Tuesday, October 30th                                             
I spent today in a notary class at the local community college. We had an active shooter drill in the middle of class, so we all sat against the wall & played on our phones. I worked on a Christmas present during lunch, and then I made 100 on my test! Here is a weird social media thing. Ordinarily I get maybe 20 likes on something I post on Facebook. Sometimes I get as many as 50 or 60 (woo hoo!). I posted the picture of my test score and got 72 likes. What the heck! My latest selfie only gets 20 likes, but a picture of the number 100 gets 72? Social media is weird. Ha!

Ms. Pinky is still very happy on the porch.

On to the next pattern… This is the one I was wearing on my head last week. It decided to cooperate once I blocked it.

Wednesday, October 31st           
Dr. M went to the store to get Halloween candy (we had four trick-or-treaters – up from zero last year), and this was the sight that greeted him. Sigh.

Meanwhile, at work I was annoyed that my hair kept getting stuck down the back of my jacket.


Thursday, November 1st              
Dr. M drove around and got some lovely pictures of our area.

Meanwhile, I tried a sort of messy bun situation. Hmm…

Friday, November 2nd                                    
Went to the hospital to have a blood test to see if I still have elevated metal levels (from my old hip appliance). My doctor thinks they should have dissipated by now, but he wanted to check to make sure. When you have lab work done at the hospital it’s considered an outpatient procedure, so I got this lovely bracelet!

Saturday, November 3rd                                           
Dr. M & I took a road trip to do some leaf peepin. These are my pictures – check back on Wednesday to see his photos from his camera. It was a lovely day!

Well, Tuesday is Election Day. I’m hoping for a big blue wave, but as something I read today put it – even if we don’t win, we’ll know the shape that our organizing needs to take.


  1. I don't even want to think about tomorrow. I've already voted and if I could I'd go somewhere off planet until it's over. if we don't win it will probably be the last free election we have so no worries about organizing. love the blue sky, a rarity around here lately. and what? no furniture this week?

  2. I think we still have Blue Sky in Ohio...haven't seen it in ages. I'll settle for Blue in some other places, however! Fingers crossed.

  3. I can't get over how productive you are at crochet! You just keep cranking out project after project.... makes me tired just watching your squares pile up ;)
    I think we had that space heater -- like 40 years ago. hahahaha
    Social media is weird, I agree. Especially during election cycles. *sigh* I never felt well enough to go to the DMV after our move, so I'm not registered to vote and I feel all kinds of guilty about it, but "es lo que hay". DMV and cancer do not go well together. I'm helping Ivan work through the ballot thing they sent though, so he's prepared. Does that count? Turns out he's mostly going to be voting for women!
    (BTW, did you see the cute segment on CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley where they did a story on opposing candidates in a small town who, after a debate, asked for a few minutes and then PLAYED A DUET on their guitar and cello?! LOVED it!)
    You're having some beautiful weather and I do miss the colors of autumn, but I'm quite content with the 70s and 80s we've been enjoying (with no humidity, thankyouverymuch). Tina went back to IN for five days and NEVER saw the sun once while she was there; overcast and cloudy the entire time.

    1. I haven't seen that story - I should see if I can find it! And you should NOT feel guilty about not voting - you had more important things to use your energy on!

  4. Beautiful leaves! So wait -- you pay the energy bill in your office at work?!

    As for social media, it IS weird. There's no telling what will become popular and what won't.

    1. I pay the bills at work - but not out of my own pocket - ha! We're perpetually worried about money at work though, so I get a bit miserly when I can.

  5. I'm impressed that heater still works. I bet it cranks out the heat though!!!

  6. Yes. you go shopping for Halloween candy and are greeted with Christmas decorations. That may account for Dr. M's look of resignation on your drive. Beautiful color in your area. I think we're going to take a little tour looking for color on Thursday. We'll probably need it after the election returns here in my deep red Arizona county. Still hoping for "Senator" Sinema, though.

    1. He was actually mid-lecture about something or other. Ha!

  7. I'm jealous of your fall colors and mountains. Florida is just so very ... well, flat.

    That heater does look scary - sort of like the furnace in the basement of the "Home Alone" movie. Tell Dr. M not to feel bad - our Sam's Club had Christmas stuff out in August. AUGUST!!! I had enough common sense to wait until the end of September to start listening to Christmas music.


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