Sunday, August 15, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Thirty-three

Well we are definitely in the summer doldrums – we just don’t remember to take photos every day. I think that the photos we DID take will make up for that, but seriously we are getting slack.
Sunday, August 8th
No photo.
Monday, August 9th   
Dr. M’s shopping list. On Saturday when Dr. M was at his dad’s house he found a yellow jacket nest in the ground out by the muscadine vine. While he was preparing the gasoline to pour on the nest, he disturbed a wasp nest & was stung a dozen times on his legs. OUCH. Anyway, he took care of the yellow jackets & this list is making sure that he takes care of the wasps.

Tuesday, August 10th      
I was hanging out at Daddy & Sue’s house when I found out that my great-nephew was over at my brother’s house. It was nice to see you Daddy & Sue – bye!

 Wednesday, August 11th     
I WAS ABLE TO GIVE BLOOD! My iron was finally high enough. So I got to get my apple juice & oreos (the main reason I give blood).

Thursday, August 12th  
This isn’t our photo, but it’s what we were doing tonight – watching the “Field of Dreams” game between the Yankees and the White Sox. It was pretty darned special – Kevin Costner & then the players walking out of the corn onto the field, and the bottom of the 9th walk off homer by the White Sox… I was impressed.

Friday, August 13th    
Stopped by to see Daddy & Sue again. Daddy was showing me the recipe that he said reminded him of some of my concoctions. I think it looks amazing and I shall definitely be trying it. I mean, you can’t go wrong with naan can you?

Saturday, August 14th   
A final visit with the baby before they head back to Oklahoma on Tuesday. We even facetimed his dad (who was in training back at home). I’m just now realizing that I didn’t get a photo of his mom on this trip – sorry Britt!

He is SO CLOSE to crawling. But given how much he likes to bounce & keeps his legs so stiff, I think he’ll be walking in no time at all.

Temperature blanket update. It looks kind of pretty all laid out like that, but up close those warm weather color combos are U.G.L.Y. Also, I’m about to run out of red and harvest red. But we’re in the home stretch – I started my first decrease row this week.  

I was glad to be able to give blood, although I felt kind of depleted (see what I did there?) for a couple of days afterward. In fact I didn’t start feeling more energetic until today. So maybe I won’t try to give again right away when I’m allowed. But it’s hard because my blood type is desirable (O+) and there’s such a shortage right now. And it’s one thing I can do when it feels like the world is falling apart around me. I’m talking about world events, not my personal world – although a cousin of Dr. M’s died after a bicycle accident this week. So sad. I guess I was giving blood for Chad. And the people in Myanmar, and Afghanistan, and Haiti… What do you do when the world is too much?


  1. Get stung by wasps...I get stung by wasps. For the record, I don't like killing yellow jackets and wasps, but my father is highly allergic. He had been near both nests just the day before. If he had stumbled upon the yellow jackets, I may well have been mourning his loss along with the loss of our cousin.

  2. I am so wiped out if I give blood; it's terrible. I remember when I was pregnant, and I felt like I was so full to the brim with everything. I begged them to let me donate. They said no. Too bad--that was probably the best blood they'd ever have gotten from me!

    It certainly does feel like the world is falling apart around us. I'm so grateful that while things are unstable, we have stability in the White House.

    1. Giving blood didn't used to bother me as much as it does now. My grandmother used to eat liver - maybe I'll have to start doing that. Ugh.

  3. So sorry to hear about Dr. M's cousin -- and the wasp nest! Yikes! But glad you got to see your great-nephew. I think those temperature colors go well together, at least from what I can see in the photo.

    1. I'm always surprised at how nice the blanket looks in photos.

  4. I try hard to be very careful with poisons. There are as many good bugs as bad and I hate killing the good. Usually I leave them all alone until I'm bitten (fire ants) or stung (yellow jackets), then out come the poison. Your blanket looks nice - good color choices. I'm thinking one from here would be red, red, maybe orangey, red, and if we're lucky, a single line of blue!

    1. Yes! We don't like to use poisons unless it's absolutely necessary. Dr. M's dad is allergic to bee stings (and he's 89 years old), so we're more cautious than we might be in our own home.

  5. I love the "wasp killer...from Hell!"

  6. What do you do when the world is too much?

    I've sort of become numb to everything right now.


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