Sunday, August 8, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Thirty-two

This week we have flowers and crochet and babies – a trifecta of lovely!
Sunday, August 1st  
No photo. What is up with that?
Monday, August 2nd   
I’m working on a project for my niece. It’s going rather slowly, but it sure is groovy man…

Tuesday, August 3rd     
Surprise baby attack! I was at my dad’s house working a jigsaw puzzle and we had a little visitor! My great-nephew is just the MOST ADORABLE BABY EVER. Really – don’t you agree? The second photo is my brother playing his favorite game with him – apparently he can bounce until the cows come home.

Dr. M says, the wildflower “overstory” of bee balm and coneflowers is all but spent, but we still have a bit of rudbeckia in one corner. We do have sulfur cosmos making an appearance, along with lovely aster.

Wednesday, August 4th     
The only picture is one I sent to an absent coworker showing her that I was wearing yellow (we had been talking about how I never wear that color). Thanks Sue for the yellow blouse!

Thursday, August 5th  
Tiny little wildflowers…

Friday, August 6th    
In addition to our more traditional morning glories, we have this Ivy-Leaved variety. It’s a little more blue than purple. So lovely!

I was getting ready to make peach banana bread & realized I was out of vanilla. Dr. M was rooting around in the cabinet & found Louisiana hot sauce. I said, “you know actually …” I decided to go with almond flavoring instead. But if you know me, you won’t be surprised that I thought about it for a hot second. I’m going to start a new hashtag called #thebugcookingbadly P.S. the bread is EXCELLENT. P.P.S. I had a slight mishap with the cinnamon.
Saturday, August 7th   
No temperature blanket update – I just plain forgot to take a picture. Just add an extra row of red to last week’s photo & you will see what it looks like. In the meantime, enjoy these lovely photos of Dr. M’s dad’s muscadine vines. 

I felt really checked out (or more than usual) this past week. I went through the motions & got things done, but I haven’t felt actually present. Very weird. Here’s hoping that I “wake up” this week! Have you ever had periods of feeling like you’re not really inside your body? Or am I the only weirdo here?  


  1. Oh, yes, your great nephew is adorable!
    Yellow color becomes you.

  2. I've had a lot of weeks like that this summer, just feeling sluggish and disengaged. Glad to know it's Not Just Me.

    You probably could have gotten away with using no flavouring at all with the bread. Having cinnamon and banana and Greek yoghurt makes vanilla pretty unnecessary. Still, a little almond with peach is always nice.

    1. Yeah - I think it would have been fine without any flavoring.

  3. three colors I never, yellow, and orange. though I had a very soft buttery yellow silk blouse that I would wear and I have a red shell that I will wear very rarely but I will never wear orange.

    my morning glories that I planted early spring finally started growing vigorously but they have not produced one single flower.

    1. I love to wear red, but have always thought yellow & orange weren't very flattering on me.

  4. My husband would have wanted hot sauce too in the bread - LOL
    What is that project going to be??? At first, I thought it was going to be a table runner - it would be cute for the fall!

    1. I was intrigued by the idea of the hot sauce - ha!

      That is going to be a purse! Maybe - we'll see if I can assemble it when I'm done.

  5. Maybe it's the heat?

    I don't wear yellow either, but that blouse works for you! I love the groovy project for your niece.

    And I've never seen morning glories like those, at least not that I can remember. Interesting!

    1. It might be the heat - I hope so because that means fall will be better!

  6. I believe I would have had serious concerns about you had you used LA hot sauce rather than vanilla in peach/banana bread! I made muscadine grape jelly once. It's good - a lot of work - but good.

    1. Admit it - you ALREADY have serious concerns about me!

  7. At my house my wife and I are doing the "Every Plate" dinner kit. Mainly because the servings are perfect for two people leaving no leftovers that usually have to be thrown out.

    Well, along the same lines of cooking badly, even with detailed but simplified instructions I regularly come close messing up the meals when I cook.

  8. Grateful for the names with the little flowers and that you notice each one.
    Baby is indeed beautiful.
    Hope this week was better. I was a bit down this week.


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