Sunday, February 27, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Eight

Man what a week! It’s not a good time to be a trans youth (when is it ever a good time?), a Ukrainian, or especially a black or brown person in Ukraine. It makes me want to burrow back into my blankets and ignore the world. But of course we can’t really do that, or not for long. Instead, let’s look at some photos that have nothing to do with world drama.
Sunday, February 20th      
Another one bites the dust…

(Continuing my Black History Month project…) Meet Osheta Moore!
Monday, February 21st    
This morning I saw the biggest most beautiful snowflake drift down right in front of me. Which was confusing because although it’s cold enough to snow, it was sunny. Well reader, it was not snow. It was a feather. 

Another Monday, another bowl of fruit.

Meet Alexis Nikole, the Black Forager!

Tuesday, February 22nd  
I can’t believe I didn’t document Twosday! But alas, no photo.
Meet Patricia Taylor!
Wednesday, February 23rd     
No photo today either. What the heck.
Meet Natalie!
Thursday, February 24th  
It was a wee bit foggy on the way to work. I was thinking that it was actually pretty & not all that dangerous – you could see pretty far down the road. I’ve been in fog in Ohio that was much more scary!

Meet Luvvie! 
Friday, February 25th     
Daffodils after the rain.

The sky as I was leaving my dad’s house.

Meet GG Made It!
Saturday, February 26th       
The making of a Bugwood! At the end is a terribly unflattering video of me trying this sandwich. Two thumbs up - adding the Cheetos was genius! 

Playing with the macro setting on my phone – phlox & forsythia!

I spent a lot of time crocheting today. I blocked this shawl (a gift for the retiring director of my department), and made this potholder for a coworker (it’s a bit wonky – I need to work on my technique). I also started working on my 12th (I think it’s 12th) Moogly afghan. No photo yet, but you guys have been on all my other journeys so I’ll definitely share this one. I’m using some Irish wool that a parishioner gave me in Ohio. I have so much & have never figured out what to use it for. We’ll see how this goes.

Meet Lyneezy!
Well, it’s time to head into another week. I wonder what the hell will happen this time. Any guesses?


  1. Had to skip the video. I could barely handle seeing the sandwich itself. Urg.

  2. Surely that bowl of fruit wasn't yours. There's nothing weird in it.

  3. Well, I'd certainly rather see falling feathers than giant snowflakes. Ham and cheese - ok. Peanut butter, jelly with a banana - a bit odd but ok. Putting the both together with a handful of Cheetos - nope - that's just wrong. Pretty flowers though. We need a picture modeling the shawl - I don't quite understand how it fits.

    1. Once it's dry I'll do a photo shoot. I also have a couple of pieces I'm giving away & need to photograph them too.

      My cousin's daughter showed the sandwich photos to her fiance. He said, "ok, she's making two sandwiches," and then K showed him the last picture. Now he thinks I'm weird (which, in all honesty, he probably already knew).

  4. That SANDWICH! I am just, well, speechless.

    1. I'm thinking that it was a bit much for most people - ha!

  5. That sandwich.... what is happening?????
    I know you're not supposed to touch feathers with diseases - but they're just so pretty.

    1. I didn't even think about not touching the feather (I was just in a hurry to get to work) - but later I was annoyed that I didn't pick it up.

  6. SWMBO, after I described your sandwich, said "that made my stomach turn". I thought it looked and sounded pretty good. I must add that SWMBO can be a picky eater.

    1. Oh I think SWMBO is in the majority here for sure! I myself wasn't sure about the banana portion of the sandwich, but it was really good!

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