Sunday, February 20, 2022

2022 Project 365 – Week Seven

I feel like I was just working on a post five minutes ago, but I guess it’s been a week. Let’s see what happened!
Sunday, February 13th      
Before and after. I was lector at church today & instead of concentrating on the “as for me & my household, we will serve the Lord” part of the passage, I concentrated on the “we’re on this land we stole from the Amorites” part. I also mentioned that we were sitting in a church on stolen land. I know it’s always a pleasure when I speak in church!

Stopped by Daddy & Sue’s house and finished another puzzle. As I mentioned last week, we really enjoyed this one!

(Continuing my Black History Month project…) Meet Ally Henny!
Monday, February 14th    
I was making this very healthy bowl of fruit and somehow these cookies and chocolate covered strawberries jumped in there.

Meet Esther Odekunle!

Tuesday, February 15th  
Family Mexican night. This picture in no way shows how ginormous that burrito was. I ate half & still felt overfull. So delicious though.

Meet Darci! Also check out this post.
Wednesday, February 16th    
The Roy stopped by for some treats. Dr. M always makes him sit because he gets SO EXCITED OMG A TREAT A TREAT!!!

Meet Amena Bee!
Thursday, February 17th  
Dropped off the temperature blanket. I think the recipient was pleased.

Meet Marcie Alvis-Walker at Black Coffee with White Friends!
Friday, February 18th     
We’ve got daffodils! Yay!

Another Friday night puzzle fest at Daddy & Sue’s house. This is a Thomas Kincaid, but only 500 pieces (spoiler alert – we’ve already finished it).

Meet Naomi Ekperigin!
Saturday, February 19th       
Brunch! It’s sort of an Indian/Mexican fusion situation – fried egg on naan with guacamole & sour cream on top (as well as three kinds of cheese – Laughing Cow, shredded Mexican, and parm). It was GOOD ya’ll.

I love how Dr. M always makes sure that the flowers on his mother’s grave are fresh looking and seasonally appropriate. And it’s a bonus when he buys them early so I get to enjoy them at our house for a bit. These have a bit of a Mardi Gras flavor don’t they?

Meet Britt Hawthorne!
Once again, I’ve been getting really mad at how things are going in the world. This sums up my latest outrage quite well.

What have you been getting up in arms about?


  1. Dang good dawg! And that air-fried breakfest naan was so good! Daffies are blooming all over the place down here. I love them! I love you!

  2. So much Mexican food! I'm jealous of your daffodils. We have snow overmuch, but there is thawing today and tomorrow...BEFORE IT STARTS SNOWING AGAIN.


    Off to check your Insta picks for the week.

    1. This morning as I left for work I thought I saw a HUGE snowflake! It was cold enough (in the 20s), but it was sunny so I was perplexed. It was a white feather. Ha!

  3. Dang! Everybody up north of me has daffodils and mine are only about 4" tall with no buds emerging yet.

    1. I guess it's good that we're ahead of you on something since you have so many other lovely flowers now :)

  4. I love a fun puzzle!!!
    you gave that blanket away - bless your heart! I know its going to be well loved!!!

    1. Yes - once it was done I was like, this does not match anything in my house. Ha!

  5. Yay daffodils! I love seeing Roy so enthusiastic for his treats. :)

    1. He is VERY enthusiastic, but he really will sit when Dr. M asks him to (I'm always amazed that he goes from jump to sit so well).

  6. Saturday brunch sounds good and amazing how those pesky cookies and chocolate covered strawberries muscled their way into your fruit salad.

  7. I love what you had to say in your lector duty. 👍

  8. I hadn't even thought of those chocolate covered strawberries this year, and now the day is gone, and so are they. I could make some myself, but it's just not the same, even though they'd probably be better than the ones from the store. Ah, well. Easter candy's coming!

  9. Hard to keep up with all your puzzles! I think it's a wonderful activity to spend time with your parents!

    1. It really is hard to keep up. I have to check the date on the picture to remember when we did what. Ha!


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