Filling in the Gaps

I had a wonderful post about Spanx & squats wandering around in my head, but mercifully for you guys I decided that it might be best to just share that with my intimate friends (meaning the folks at work who will totally get the concept). And now I've wasted my evening with reading blogs, washing dishes, doing the Facebook thing, & playing with my Webkins (wouldn't want them to get sick, would we - they're my only children!). So I'm just throwing this little post together so I can put the Braves game on my computer & go weed - as you can see, I need to!

This is a picture that I posted a few weeks ago - all proud of our little flower bed.
Now look at it! All of the gaps have been filled in with gorgeous flowers. I'd like to have all my gaps filled in with such loveliness too (all right - dirty minds go away now!). What activities am I pursuing that would give me this beauty? I think I'll just contemplate that for a bit while I watch the Braves play...


  1. Your flower bed has filled in nicely. Thanks for joining me on my journey and my babbling. It's good to have you along for the ride.

  2. Gorgeous, indeed. And it's such a joy to watch the whole process from planting to getting results!

  3. Your flowerbed looks wonderful. And it filled in really quickly, didn't it?

    Isn't it amazing how much time we can waste when we want to just be lazy? I do the same thing. :-)


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