2013 Project 365 – Week Eight

Well, this week you don’t even have to look at my face, thank goodness. In fact, only two of this week’s pictures were taken by me – I just couldn’t seem to motivate myself to get the camera out. Fortunately Dr. M came to the rescue, as usual.

Saturday, February 16th   
Birds in the back yard – red-bellied woodpecker, chickadee & downy woodpecker.


Sunday, February 17th   
Oh hallelujah, at long last I have taken my car through a car wash. I had some sort of crust forming along the trunk – it was pretty disgusting. Now I need someone to come vacuum the tumbleweeds from inside the car.

Squirrel antics.

The moon!

Monday, February 18th           
Birds in our back yard.

Tuesday, February 19th  
Gorgeous nuthatch!

Junkyard buck (the deer like to hang out in a salvage yard that Dr. M drives by – it’s got a large grassy, wooded area & borders a cornfield.)

Wednesday, February 20th    
Geese in a field.

And a duck!

Thursday, February 21st  
Campus deer.

Geese writing something in the sky – we’re just not sure what. They seem somewhat disorganized.

Friday, February 22nd      
We had ice this morning.

The State of the Bug. The back of my head because I was interested in what my hair looks like these days, and because the front of my head is an adolescent roadmap. Ugh.

The moon!

Saturday, February 23rd      
I had Altar Guild Training this morning.

Backyard critters.

Dr. M & I took a short ramble & look what we found – lambs!

The moon!

Go to Mamma Fran’s blog here to see the blogs of all the other Project 365 participants. Have a great week!

Most of our photos are taken with a 12 megapixel Nikon D5000 DSLR, using a 55-200mm zoom lens. This is the camera that Dr. M takes with him most days. He also takes pictures with our old reliable 7 megapixel Canon Powershot A710.  The Bug uses our new Nikon Coolpix S6200 most of the time. If you’re interested in which camera was used for a particular shot, just ask! 


  1. well Dr M has done you proud, but have to say that i am looking forward to seeing you on here more often

  2. That cow is being very patient and lovely with the lambs. Perhaps it is a nanny.

    You sound sick of winter and down with a case of The Blahs. Same here.

    I keep hinting (and not very subtly) to Rick that my car needs a good wash. It's black--or supposed to be!--and is so covered with road salt that I can't stand it. Now I suppose I'll have to take it myself. Sigh. ;-)

    Those tulips! Maybe I need some flowers in the house, too....

  3. love the docs photos and the geese...are they flying to us do you think?

  4. Nance, while it looks for the world like a cow in the above pic, that's a sheep with the lambs around it. These are a variation on the "hair sheep" theme: sheep mostly of African origin that have limited wooliness and shed each spring. The Katahdin breed, developed in Maine, is representative. They are hearty sheep, not prone to disease and with minimal birthing problems, therefore very low-maintenance. They also thrive on poor pastureland and minimal supplemental food. One must note that they are not raised for fiber, which is why these pics are sweet but poignant for me. Anyway, enough of that. Definitely a sheep, though she looks like a cow.

  5. Gee, your hair is really getting long. Love Dr. M's pictures of wildlife but I worry about that buck deer when hunting season comes around.

  6. ooh, tulips! love the geese writing in the sky and the moon pics especially, but they're all really good

  7. Dr. M could have a whole other career with his photography.

    I saw the most impressive glimpse of the moon flying home yesterday. High above the white clouds, so thick I couldn't see land beneath us, there was a layer of pink. Above that, the nearly full moon was shining so bright in the still blue sky. It was beautiful.

    Sometimes a window seat in a plane is really worth the aggravation of being trapped with a full bladder far from the aisle.

  8. Love the lamb with the black head and white body. Is he a black sheep or not?

  9. Wow, in that first lamb picture it almost looked like a small black and white cow was laying on the ground. Glad that second one cleared things up for me! :)

  10. The moon just begged to have its picture taken this week!

    The geese writing...could it be We should have had a V-8?

  11. a wildlife extravaganza...

    Great shots this week!


  12. Incredible wildlife photos. Kudos to Dr. M. :)


  13. So much to see! I love the flash of blue on the duck's wing, the funny word play of junkyard ... buck, and that is one FAT squirrel!

    Lambing season is the only time I like getting close to sheep. They very quickly become sticky fuzzballs!

    I know the winter blah feeling. Go find some crocuses pushing their green up -- it will make you feel better. I know the increasing light in the early morning while getting my son out to the bus by 6:30am is making me feel happier. It's still cold but it isn't so darn dark! It really makes me start thinking about the Resurrection!

  14. I just caught myself looking for the "Like" button for SouthLakesMom's comment :-) Yes, yes, and yes!

  15. Love those gorgeous tulips. I did a pinecone and daffodil this week....oh and some other random flowering tree at the old hospital. I can't wait to see nature coming forth again. I have missed it. Loved the birds and the moon too...and I bet you get tired of me telling you this. I love love love your shots (and Dr. M's) each week and so look forward to seeing them.


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