2014 Project 365 – Week Thirty-four

Well, my “procedure” is behind me (ha!) & I don’t have to do that again for another 10 years. Other than that the week was pretty quiet. If a bit toady.

Sunday, August 17th  
Bought my supplies for my colonoscopy.

My daily walk.

Dr. M did some flash phone photography.

What passes for nightlife around here.

Monday, August 18th  
Dr. M saw a parakeet in our back yard! Now that’s the strangest thing yet.

Mr. & Mrs. Goldfinch stopped by for a bite to eat.

Drama Queenitude – pictures of my chicken broth, Jell-o & Ensure – and me with tape on my mouth so I wouldn’t accidentally drink anything which is actually from the next day but I’m not fixing it now. Ha! My doctor has his patients do half of the Gatorade/laxative mix one day & the other half the next day. Fun times!

My daily walk.

Tuesday, August 19th            
Almost done!

Dr. M saw this while he was waiting for me to finish my procedure. Made us laugh.

My daily walk. See that relieved look on my face? And that’s my last word on the subject. Heh.

Wednesday, August 20th
Drove by the Tax Time Pig today! And got my usual terrible photo of it.

My daily walk.

Thursday, August 21st
My daily walk. I did not sing in the rain, although as someone pointed out since my neighbors already think I’m weird I don’t know why I didn’t! (I think that sentence might have needed a comma or two.)

Dr. M saw several of these little dudes this evening.

Friday, August 22nd
We had a baby shower at work. I was supposed to bring “a vegetable.” Heh. (Many thanks to Dr. M for stopping by the farm stand to get these fresh veggies. The tomatoes were from our garden.)

My daily walk.

Saturday, August 23rd   
Participated in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge this morning. I’ll probably share the video later this week (if I can figure out how). Dr. M’s was WAY better than mine – maybe I’ll share both of them!

My daily walk mow sweat fest. Why didn’t I wait until after this to dump ice water on my head?

Dr. M took a turn at mowing. I had to laugh at the garland the mower acquired from the trees that lean over the back of our fence. Very stylish!

Have a great week!


  1. The vegetable tray looks soooo yummy! I'm craving fresh vegetables but all we're finding in the stores these days are anemic tomatoes, tired lettuce, woody carrots... Looking forward to Spring! We had a week of really hot weather (high 80s, low 90s) but it dropped back down to 'normal' overnight and I'm sitting in bed with a sweat jacket on, as well as a fleece blanket over my legs. Oh well, the warmth was nice while it lasted.
    Absolutely LOVE the afghan! So, so pretty. What's your next project going to be?

  2. Love your vegetable tray!

    I think the worst thing about preparing for my colonoscopy was the fact that I couldn't drink any coffee. And that I had to surf the Internet without snacking... (that's when I do most of my snacking, unfortunately).

  3. You certainly have a lot of adventures. :)
    I'm envious of the parakeet in the backyard. Someone's pet got away?

  4. Well, you've got me beat in the bird division. Never had a parakeet in our yard. Glad the procedure is over. I can't stand to even look at Gatorade anymore.

  5. Was the colonoscopy better or worse than you imagined. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. Of course I wasn't the one working the camera.

  6. Colonoscopy. Mine went fine except Judy said I looked grey when she got me out of the hospital.

  7. Ugh. I don't have to think about a colonoscopy yet, but I still don't want to be reminded! That poor parakeet is probably a cage escapee, don't you think?

  8. I am scheduled for that procedure next month, a diagnostic one, since I've been having some troubles. Looks like so much fun.

    Love your humor and that you two would take the time to notice the Highlights magazine. Glad to see you out moving everyday! Is the bike parked until fall?

  9. I think colonoscopies are just the new fad for doctors, like tubes in ears and tonsillectomies.

  10. Your toad guests are charming. That must mean you have a very hospitable environment in your yard. I love how you put your Medical Drink in a pretty goblet to make it that much easier to drink.

  11. That vegetable tray looks delish. I bet the tomatoes were the best thing on the tray. I just love the goldfinches. Have you tried kissing one of those toads? There could be a prince among them. Hope all went well with the colonoscopy. So glad it's behind you. :)

  12. those goldfinches are beautiful! we never see those here where I live. the toads however...too often. :)


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