10 on 10

Look! I remembered to do this! Sort of, as usual...

1. I feel like this sign might be telling me something, but I'm just not exactly sure what.

2. The highlighted part of the confession at the end of the Prayers of the People always gets me. I'm often convinced that I'm not nearly enough of an activist.

3. We had our monthly vestry meeting. As usual, we ran longer than we could have because we are all very chatty. We like each other!

4. This is Paula, one of our shelter staff members, going over with us all of the systems they have in place to help our homeless guests. Applying for birth certificates, social security cards, food stamps, housing, jobs... It's a lot of work! And our staff also tries to work with each person to get any help with addiction or mental health assistance they might need. I included part of a thank you letter from one guest - we're known as the Red Door Shelter because of our Episcopal red door :)

5. After church I took a few pictures of our first significant snowfall of the year. And I startled the neighbor's cat who likes to hang out in our yard. Ha!

6. At the grocery store. I think I might need this. What do you think?

7. From one of my daily walks. Now that I'm trying to get 2.5 miles in per day I have to take at least two walks. I'm proud to say that since starting the initiative I've gotten over 10,000 steps on two days - a big deal for me because I usually am in the 6,000 - 8,000 range.

8. & 9. Remember this? I decided to break it out again :)

10. Temperature blanket progress. I was excited to use a new color since the temp was so low. I'm mixing in a strand of white when we get snow. It looks pretty weird right now, but it's fun!


  1. Ha! Instead of the daily pic for P365, you have 10 in one day!
    Thank you for the glimpses into your life.

  2. You've put a deal of work into this post Dana, and especially the snow scenes. Love the way you caught the scaredy cat scampering away. Hope the weather gets friendlier soon.

  3. well, if I can't get your whole week, I guess this will do.

  4. Real feel is -4º? That makes me shiver, even though it's 72º in my kitchen right now.

    Love your Bento box and the two squares of Cadbury chocolate in it. You are so disciplined!

  5. Poor scaredy cat!

    What IS that pig thing?

  6. I'm often convinced that I'm not nearly enough of an activist.
    I feel that way quite a bit, in fact I often consider myself a hypocrite for my inability to work more action into my high-minded words.

  7. That cat was movin'!

    Love the idea to add a frosting of snow to the blanket rows. Inspired!

  8. Can you hear me cheering for you from across the miles?? YAY, Bug for 10,000 steps!! High fives!!

    We got that little bit of snow, too. My kids were happy as it is better than nothing, but they're anxiously awaiting our first big fall.

  9. That blanket will be very interesting. :) Love the lunch tray, and all those pretty yarn colors on the shelf.

  10. I do remember your PlanteBox. For some reason I just love when you take pictures of it. There's something about the orderliness of it and the food is pretty. It makes me want one but I have nowhere to go with it. Get the piggy. :)


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