Thursday, January 28, 2016


I wrote this four years ago, but it keeps popping back into my mind these days, so I'm sharing it again :)


January is my mother
with her hand on my head
gently holding me in place.
I won’t be running out
into the road on her watch!
She is humming some
somnolent tune and
although I am awake
I feel my eyes slide shut,
feel them slide sideways 
looking for that aproned lap.
I’ll just rest a while
here in the womb
of the year.

The Bug 


  1. I love the idea of January being the "womb" of the year.

  2. Well dang it all, Dana Bug, you're a true poet. Love this one.

  3. I’ll just rest a while...perfect for January!

  4. Oh, this is wonderful, Dana. We both came at winter with the passivity angle, but then took different paths. I really like this. I can feel my eyes getting tired....


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