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While the rest of the nation is being blanketed in white (I know, I know, not everyone is getting a blizzard - it just feels that way!), we here in the middle of Ohio are anticipating somewhat warmer temperatures (in the 30s with maybe even some Sun on Sunday!). I'm slightly sad about missing all that snow, but on the other hand it's nice to not have to worry about clearing off the walkways for church on Sunday.

I'm still planning on posting some pictures on Monday, but I wanted to go ahead & share a few today. Yesterday was Squirrel Appreciation Day. You know that we here at the Bug Household LOVE our squirrels, so I thought I'd go out yesterday morning & give them an extra corn cob as a treat. 

Then I waited & waited to see a squirrel in its little chair.  I looked out in the afternoon & was all excited! 

Wait - you're not a squirrel!

Silly starling.
Finally in the late afternoon, we had some squirrel action. Aww - isn't he cute?

Sorry guy - it's all gone!

And now, here's a bonus shot of Papa Cardinal & his harem :)

If you're in the snowpocalypse zone, stay safe! And if you're not, don't be too smug. 


  1. Just love your animal photos and commentary :)

  2. Love your squirrel, and the way he cleaned up the corn. The cardinals are cute, too -- but what's with that one boy and all the girls? Is it common to see that? I've been trying to remember how we see them around here, but it may be that I'm used to seeing them once they've already paired up.

    Anyway -- yes, we're lucky, weather-wise. It's still very windy here, but by tomorrow we're going to have less wind and 50 -- maybe 60 on Sunday. If I get all my chores done, I'm heading outdoors on Sunday!

  3. I'm not in the snow zone but I hope everyone who is stays safe and warm.

  4. I thought about you guys and your squirrels when I found out it was Squirrel Appreciation Day. :-)

    That first photo with the two birds "stopped" in mid-flight is AWESOME!!!

  5. that is one wild and crazy starling. having a bad hair day for sure.

  6. I think that "smug" comment was aimed at me. Sorry, it's a Southwestern affliction. That squirrel didn't waste much time with his corn on the cob.

  7. I'm surprised it took that long for the squirrel to find that cob! Usually they're on food immediately! But he polished it off pretty quickly, didn't he?!

  8. The world seems divided into squirrel lovers and squirrel haters. You're in the lover group and I'm in the hater group. Can't stand those tree rats messing around my bird feeders.


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