Thursday, June 16, 2016

Short Stories

The Blanket
A couple of weeks ago I posted this on Facebook:

Maybe I spend too much time with my yarn? Last night I dreamed that I was eating at some fancy pasta place but I got kicked out because I added (bright yellow!) acrylic yarn to my pasta & at this restaurant you were only allowed to use 100% cotton yarn. Yes, I was actually in a restaurant EATING yarn. What. The. Heck.

I knew that I was close to being out of yellow yarn for this darn temperature blanket, but I don't think my subconscious should have been that upset about it!

Here's a recent picture.

The Phone
The other day I was rushing to leave my office when I couldn't find my phone in my purse. The horror! Um, it was in my hand. So you can imagine how hard I laughed when I saw this:

I downloaded an app to help me drink more water (Plant Nanny). As I give the plants more water they grow & change. It is weirdly fascinating.

My Face
A couple of weeks ago I was putting drops in my ears & thought I looked all artsy so I took a picture. And then I made it my Facebook profile picture. Yes, I am wearing no makeup. Anyway, I turned my head to do the other ear & thought about taking a picture from that side, but I looked like a stroke victim. VERY WEIRD. No, I didn't save that picture.


  1. that's a great picture and you look beautiful with no makeup. so the blanket is one row a day? 365 rows. how long will that be?

  2. I am still laughing about the stroke victim because you look beautiful in every picture you post. Then between you and Jay Allen (which had me laughing in the first place), I feel so much better about all the things I put in safe places and then cannot find. I am also drinking more water mostly because I am not a fan of carbonated beverages and except for water, there are not many alternate choices available, besides fruit juice which can be acidic. This was such a fun read and I truly enjoyed the animated plant pictures posted here. Thank you for sharing, Bug.

  3. I just had that conversation about how many times a DAY I loose my phone or glasses & find them in my hand or on my head - in that order ;)

  4. You look thoughtful and artistic in this new picture.

  5. I've started losing my cell phone on a daily basis. I always find it eventually, although what troubles me is that the time span between noticing it missing and me locating it is increasing.

  6. LOL on the cell phone thing. That's something I would do. An app for reminding you to drink more Maybe I could use that. Sometimes I don't drink enough and realize it late in the evening. And making up for it then is not so great for wanting to sleep through the night!

    I love your picture! Too funny about the other side, stroke victim. LOL.

  7. Just curious...can you suck/slurp yarn like you can spaghetti? Is it good? Am I missing out on something? ;)

  8. Your pic is great, and so is that phone story. The very worst part of giving up my landline phone is that now, when I lose my cell phone, there's no convenient way to find it. I used to just call myself. I confess I have emailed a friend a couple of times and asked her to call me. It works, unless she doesn't check her email.

  9. You look quite glamorous in that picture.
    That phone story cracked me up. LOL
    The yarn dream is a classic.
    A water app!?! Wow.


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