Monday, June 13, 2016

Am I Home Now?

Dr. M and I have had a crazy few weeks. We spent a week in NC visiting the fathers (as alluded to in my last post), a week at home, and then a week at Dewey Beach in Delaware. Whew! I'm ready to be home for a while. I'm going to share some random beach pictures in a minute, but first, words to the wise (that's me):

1. Maybe you should do Project 365 because since you don't journal you'd otherwise never remember that you went back to work the same afternoon after you had your failed root canal.

2. Flip flops are not good footwear. I wore them out to lunch one afternoon in Rehoboth & had an incident where one flip flop stayed put while the rest of me moved forward...and down. Skinned my knee like a little kid. And, of course, not being a youngster anymore I was pretty creaky for a couple of days. I took a picture of my knee, but decided not to share it. You're welcome.

3. Dr. M & I love going to the beach, but we don't really like getting in the water, or walking in the sand, or being out in the sun all that much. Ha! So our dream vacation is a room with a balcony over the ocean & that's what we had. We left the room to eat, and each of us took one walk on the beach, but otherwise we read (me) & took pictures (Dr. M). It was blissful!

These pictures aren't probably the ones I would usually share, but I'm sending these to Dr. M's dad & decided to just post them. Maybe I'll post more later. These are mostly pictures of birds and dogs - there were plenty on the beach!

Osprey & Lunch

Blue Grosbeak 


Another osprey with lunch :)

A fresh water pond

My one beach walk

Dr. M on the bay

For more beachy pictures, go to Dr. M's blog here.


  1. Those ospreys are good fishermen, aren't they? I'm not much for the sun, but I love the ocean. We usually go at least once a year. I pull up a chaise lounge by the pool and sit in the shade of a palm tree or one of the little tiki huts that surround the pool at our hotel. Then I face the ocean, pull out my book and I'm in heaven.

    1. We stayed at a place on Hilton Head years ago that sounds just like this! I love sitting in the shade and watching/listening to the ocean, and I love seeing the ospreys!

  2. Gorgeous bird, that blue grosbeak! Thanks for sharing that photo.

    I will remain silently smug on the Flipflop Episode.

  3. Oh no, sorry about your knee! I'm with you about the beach -- I love going, but I'm not really a swimming/sun/sand person.

    That grosbeak is amazing! I have NEVER seen a bird that blue.

    1. I love watching and listening to the waves, but I'm well past wanting to be out in the water. The grosbeak really is that blue! Only place I've seen them is at the beach, as I don't think they get to Ohio.

  4. Looks like a fun day at the beach.

  5. awesome pictures of the osprey and his lunch.

  6. Those ospreys and their sushi lunch are fantastic!

    I like the beach and walking on the beach...the water, not so much. Just the walking, smelling the salt air, and listening to the waves would make a perfect day on the beach for me. With a camera in hand, of course.

    1. Thank you! We used to walk the beach a lot more, but it just plain hurts both of us. Maybe we can work back to a point where it is more enjoyable.

  7. Osprey & Lunch

    Way back in the 1990's I went to the beach alone a lot while attending community college. On one of these visits the beach was quite deserted and as I walked into the ocean an osprey flew just a few feet away from me at eye level. The bird was clutching a fish in its talons and as it passed in front of me it turned its head and gave a terrifying squawk.

    Long story short, it was clear the bird saw me and in no uncertain terms wanted to tell me to back away from his dinner.

    1. And this time of year they have little mouths to feed! They are fierce, aren't they?

  8. Looks like a very restful vacation!
    Wonderful pics, as always! Hard to pic a fav, maybe the crow, and the blue... and...
    "Rehoboth" was the name of my roommate's car. We risked a trip to NY City in it eaons ago.

  9. Oh, those osprey. I had one that took up residence atop the mast of a boat I was working on for a few weeks, and the first thing I had to do at work every day was wash fish guts off the boat. Sigh.

    The grosbeck is fabulous. I managed a pic of one at a wildlife refuge here, but he still was getting his breeding colors, and wasn't quite so blue. They don't live here -- just migrate through. Now that I think about it, that's what the tourists do, too. Just migrate through.

    Now I'm thinking that wasn't a fox I saw in another post, but one of the doggies at a dead run.


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