Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Seven

I am not at all sure what state I’m in (and you can read that any way you’d like). My life is currently a bit messy, which is uncomfortable for me (and this time I’m talking metaphorically, because heaven knows by all appearances I have no issues with a messy house). But in 9 days I’ll be heading south, and my life will become simpler and more complicated. Fun times!

Sunday, February 12th      
I laughed at the Gospel lesson today because I had just colored my hair the night before. Ha!

Thursday was “Large Item Trash Pickup,” so we put a few things out on the curb, including little red, the frankenmower (the one I had to duct tape together). Forty-five minutes later I went to take a picture of it out there on the curb, but it was already gone. I’m glad it’s getting used instead of taken to the dump! A couple of days later this microwave cart was gone too.

Monday, February 13th           
Today Dr. M drove down to NC to do some things, including get our cable/internet hooked up and leave the Bugly down there. Here are his travelling companions.

Tuesday, February 14th                           
As we were apart today, our Valentine’s days weren’t all that romantic. I spent the evening cleaning out my closet. This is some of the clothing I decided to give away.

Wednesday, February 15th                    
Dr. M spent some time with his father today, and some time doing his favorite thing. I’m very happy that our new house has excellent bird watching venues.

Meanwhile, that night Ms. Pinky & were preparing to get some sleep.

Thursday, February 16th    

Friday, February 17th       
Today I drove down to NC to get Dr. M. This was my traveling companion. Ha!

Saturday, February 17th         
And today we drove back to Ohio. So, I guess I’m in Ohio right now. Good to know!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. People are the same everywhere.
    I'm also glad when I find out the item I put outside was taken by someone before the trash truck picked it up.
    Your pile of clothes reminds me of several such piles I gave away on various occasions to charity organizations.

  2. That's some sexy-looking sheep butt in the second Thursday picture!

    Hope the rest of your move goes smoothly and you'll be settled in quickly.

  3. Keep you eye on the prize.....moved and settled in. Life will once again settle down, promise. :)

  4. I know you'll be happy when you're completely resettled and you're looking at this move in a rear view mirror.

  5. Okay, now I know WHEN you'll be moving. I knew it was happening soon so I was thinking about it yesterday, and couldn't figure out if you were still in OH or in the process of moving or maybe already in NC. Hmmm. NC? OH? Where is she? I don't feel so bad now since you weren't sure either. Have you informed Pinky that her location is about to change? You should give her time to adjust. It's only fair.

  6. One man's trash really is another man's treasure. Happens all the time on garbage day!

  7. Holy cow, those sheep are HUGE! (I guess I should say, "Holy sheep!")

    I'm sure preparing to move is stressful. I always find moving very cleansing, though -- it's a liberating experience! I'm so glad someone rescued those items from your curb. We've got some large items we need to dispose of and I'm not sure how to go about it -- I think I'm going to put them on Freecycle and see if we get any takers.

  8. doncha love the magic street curbs? never took long in the city for things to get taken.

  9. It's the same here. People very carefully sort their trash, and leave the good stuff next to the dumpster. The best thing I ever saw there was an old Replogle globe on a stand. I wanted it, but I certainly didn't need it, so I left it, hoping some kid would get it.

    I'm glad to know your timetable -- and I was happy to see that robin. Oh, I'd love to see a robin. None this year, though.

  10. frankenmower

    I have to remember that term! I currently have two lawnmowers in my shed in the backyard. The one I used last summer is about to fall apart. The other has been dead for a couple of years and I hope after this Friday to bring it back to life. If I can't my wife will be upset when I go and buy a new one because I'll be cutting grass no later than next week.

  11. It's so discomforting to have one foot here and one foot there. Hope things are soon settled and you are happy in your new home. Love the sheep.

  12. I'd read this before but for some reason hadn't commented on it. Now I see tomorrow is your final moving day so I will say Bon Voyage! Looking forward to hearing all about North Carolina.


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