Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Six

As promised, there aren’t as many pictures this week. We got a lot accomplished, but most of it wasn’t really picture-worthy (although some of the dust bunnies are pretty amazing – I probably SHOULD record them for posterity).
Sunday, February 5th      
I took the temperature monster to NC and ALMOST finished it (left the red yarn I needed at home - what. the. heck.) So between Superbowl commercials I worked on a project I started a year ago. I'm looking forward to finishing up some UFOs this year!

Monday, February 6th           
We took a couple of big boxes and 14 cloth grocery bags full of books down to NC last week, but as you can see, we still have a few more… and these aren’t the ones that we’re giving away.

Tuesday, February 7th                           
Miss Rita (the Vermillion geranium) is still blooming.

Wednesday, February 8th                    
It was a cheesy grits, eggs, & sheepy jammies kind of night.

Thursday, February 9th    
Went to the church office to sign some checks & saw this dude sitting on top of the trash bin. His tail was just blowing in the wind.

Friday, February 10th       
The moon!

Saturday, February 11th         
This dusting mitt has been invaluable as we’ve been cleaning stuff off of shelves. It’s a leftover from my Flylady days (go here if you’d like to read about this cleaning cult – ha!).

Back in 2013 I spent the year recording happy things that happened & dropping the slips of paper into a vase. It was fun to reread them today.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. ha, love the flylady cult reference, best wishes on your new move, and if you ever get a crock pot clean up emergency again, fill it above stuck on goop level, add a squirt of dish detergent, set on high for three hours, and presto, drain water, wash, rinse, it's clean!

  2. I love your stack of books! Remember when VHS recorders were first invented and it was going to be the end of movie theaters? I think the same thing is not happening with books, now that we have eReaders. Books may be heavy, but they are quick to pack and easy to move.

    I really should go back to some of those FlyLady ideas! You'll live much closer to her again after your move (isn't she from Hendersonville, NC?).

    1. "FlyLady, across that dusty bookshelf..." Apologies to Bob Dylan...

  3. When are you finally done with this move? And will you be happier there?

    1. March 1, and yes...though it will be bittersweet for awhile. It is our home, it is warmer, and, for all the friends we have up here, we've struggled to put down deep roots.

  4. Flylady! We all know Flylady! Granted, we don't always follow her good advice, but...

    I never have had cheesy grits. Or shrimp and grits. Or any grits, that I know of. I saw some once, and they looked so unappetizing. I need to expand my horizons -- or at least give them a real chance before rejecting them.

  5. ...a couple of big boxes and 14 cloth grocery bags full of books...

    Yeah, we're still dealing with putting the books away at my house with the home improvement projects finally over. Waiting for my wife to organize and thin out her books before I really try to do anything with mine.

  6. Clicked over to the Flylady link. Whaaaat? the heck was THAT? Yikes.

  7. packing up and moving can be a waltz down memory lane. might have to get me one of those dusting mitts. not that I would actually use it or anything.

  8. Moving....YUCK! I had about 450-500 volumes in my library, and when we were moving K asked what I was going to do with them? I told her I was taking them with me, of course. She asked if I ever went back and re-read any of them? I said no. She said that what I really had then, was just a bunch of dust catchers. I wound up keeping about 50 that had special meaning to me and sold or gave a way the rest. I'm now a Kindle guy, and am quite happy with its convenience. Happy move! :)

  9. That blanket looks so thick & WARMMMMM

  10. Great pictures, and you look stylish with short hair.

  11. The writing-happy-things-on-slips-of-paper project looks interesting. I guess it's like keeping a very disjointed journal! (At Twitter post lengths! Hey, yeah, nowadays you could do the same thing with Twitter!)


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