Monday, May 8, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Eighteen

People, it is exhausting being a mostly crippled person. I don’t know how people with chronic pain manage because I am cranky and annoyed with life. Except that Dr. M is an angel – I’m not annoyed with him (or anyone else, for that matter – people have been great). I spent the weekend running walking shuffling around. I think I overdid it, so I plan to be a hermit this week.

Sunday, April 30th
Indigo Bunting – so sweet!

Monday, May 1st             
My niece was in the Worlds cheer competition at Disney and her team won the silver medal! There were over 20 teams competing so I’m pretty proud of her. Check out the video to see how amazing they were.

This was my last 10,000 step day for a while…

Tuesday, May 2nd                              
Baby hats! These hats were for a young woman who was in my wedding. Well, she was in her mother’s womb in my wedding – she was born about a month later.

Wednesday, May 3rd                     
The only picture from today, so you get to see it again. The beautiful weather has made things feel a little more manageable.  

Thursday, May 4th                      
Tricked out my walker. And did you know that shuffling along doesn’t count as steps? My Fitbit is very sad these days.

Friday, May 5th        
Dr. M bought me an azalea! I love it!

Saturday, May 6th           
While I was at Weight Watchers, Dr. M visited with his dad. He took a picture of his dad’s Dr. Van Fleet Mother’s Day rose – the plant is over 100 years old!

We’re going to have maters at some point this summer – yum!

My cousin & her husband (the potters) invited us over to watch the Kentucky Derby. Her horse won. Mind did not. Scottie & I aren’t kin, are we? Ha!

Later that evening I finished a (very odd) headband for the baby shower, and used up the last of the yarn to make bows for the gift.

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments on my last post! 


  1. Please baby yourself until you are better. I know how badly you want to get around, but you certainly don't want to do more damage to your hip. By the way, two words for that walker: tennis balls. Cut and placed over the back legs, they'll make gliding a little easier.

  2. So sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you improve and can get back to doing some of those things you love. Take care.

  3. I love azaleas. that is a gorgeous rose. and as active as I am, I've never made it to 10,000 steps.

  4. I agree that rose is gorgeous. Sometimes, age doesn't make a lick of difference: the beauty endures.

    And I just looked. For under $15 you can get a walker basket with a cup holder. Walgreens. Amazon Prime. Target. They're everywhere. As long as you have to cope, cope in style!

  5. WOW - winning at Disney competition is big time stuff!!!
    That blue bird - so gorgeous!!!
    I love little baby tiaras & crowns & headbands.

  6. A 100-year-old rose!! That's amazing. I had no idea roses could live that long. Congrats to your niece on her trophy! Judging from her outfit I guess her team did a Beatles routine -- good musical taste! (I'll watch the vid when I'm not at work.)

    1. As Dad tells the story, it was planted beside the house he grew up in down in the cotton mill village He's not sure when, but it was huge by the time he was old enough to notice it. Van Fleets were introduced after 1910 and became hugely popular. When Dad's parents and maternal grandmother moved to a new house in the late 1940s, he and his cousin dug up part of the rose bush and planted it in the red clay bank where it resides today. So that means this bush has been in place on what is now Dad's property about 70 years! Van Fleets only bloom once a year, which at our latitude means around Mother's Day, and so Dad has always called it a Mother's Day rose.

  7. I think if you put your fitbit on your actual walker, it may count your steps. I read someplace that they count more of your arm swinging movement or something rather than your actual step-taking.

    Hope you are soon feeling lots better.

  8. We’re going to have maters at some point this summer – yum!

    Skipped doing anything in my raised bed gardens this year. Learned late last year that my dogs had taken to using both of them as bathrooms. I miss growing my own tomatoes and bell peppers but canine fertilizer was a big turn off.

  9. It is wonderful you are in a warmer environment without so much icy cold weather that is unpredictable. Carolina looks like a more relaxing atmosphere too. Here's hoping you will heal and restore yourself in the coming months. Sending love and healing prayers.

  10. Your niece's team is AWESOME! Those are some moves.

    I feel so bad for you that you have to shuffle along these days. I bet you are counting the days until your appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. I looked at your Fitbit numbers and have to say...I'm jealous of how much sleep you get! I usually get around 6 1/2 hours or so.

  11. This kids are pros. That video is amazing. I just read your previous post. I've been on vacation all week and I had no idea that you were having such pain with your hip. I'm so sorry to hear it. My brother just had a knee replacement. He's going to get one of his hips replaced after his knee improves. I'm glad you're in North Carolina with family close by to help you when you need it. I'm glad that you can enjoy your deck. Nature helps us feel better. Take it easy.

  12. Oh, I love those old world roses. So much more fragrant than the hybrids of today. I remember my grandmother's roses which were quite old when I was a child. I'll have to go by the old homestead next time I'm in Burke County to see if they are still there. Take care, Bug. I hope you get some answers and relief soon.


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