Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Thirty-two

Last week I had too many pictures & this week I don’t have enough. Well, we’ve had other things on our minds.
Sunday, August 6th     
Some words I needed to hear at church this morning.

The moon!

Monday, August 7th                  
Fresh peaches & pound cake – yum!

Tuesday, August 8th                                  
I have this very irreverent weather app on my phone. I took issue with it this morning – I don’t think my coworkers are annoying at all!

Made some more progress on a project.

Wednesday, August 9th                            
I got some new eye makeup & I was playing with it. These are my attempts to get a picture of the result. Made me laugh.

Thursday, August 10th                        
I had four different pre-op appointments this morning! I was really glad that Dr. M came along, although it was awfully early in the morning for us. Perhaps between the two of us we can remember everything everyone said.

Friday, August 11th             
We do not have a picture for today. I repeat, we do NOT have a picture for today. What the heck.

Saturday, August 12th                 
Dr. M took some pictures around the yard. My cousin’s son came over to mow again (THANKS DREW & JULIE!). I did absolutely nothing but sit in my chair & play on my iPad. It was glorious.

A week from today I’ll be packing my bag for the hospital. I hope I’m out of surgery soon enough to get to see some of the eclipse. It will just be a little dimmer where I am, but still… Do you have plans to watch?


  1. Yes, if it doesn't rain. Oregon is on the path to view the full eclipse.

  2. Did you get the glasses to watch the eclipse?
    Love the eye makeup photos. Cute!

  3. No eclipse glasses available anyplace around here. Amazon only has them in Vast Quantities/multipacks. I'm too solitary and too cheap to spring for a bunch.

    1. Make a pinhole viewer, or use the leaves on the trees. It's amazing to watch the sun make its little crescents in the leaf shadows! I didn't think it would work, but our last eclipse I gave it a try, and it was wonderful.

  4. I don't think we can see the eclipse here. But I could be wrong about that. I'll have to check.

  5. cool looking squares even if not my favorite colors. I wish we still had peaches available. this time of year only California peaches and I won't eat those tasteless mealy things. We should be able to see a partial eclipse if it's not cloudy but I have made no effort to try and find eclipse glasses. so glad your surgery date is almost here!

  6. Yes, we will have totality at our house for a minute and a half. I can't wait. We have our glasses and triple-checked to make certain they are approved. No filter for the camera. I'll take only a few shots of the total so I won't need a special lens for that.

    We're getting some great peaches as well. Oh, and the tomatoes! I've eaten several every single day.

    So glad the surgery will soon be over and your recovery can begin in earnest. I'll be thinking of you as we view this eclipse miracle.

  7. Just this morning I was thinking of your upcoming surgery, only four days away!
    What you said about hoping to catch a bit of the eclipse, reminded me of Mike three years ago when he insisted on us watching Argentina in the World Cup playoffs right after his surgery.

  8. I hope you get to see the eclipse! Will Mike get photos of it? We'll see the partial eclipse, but I don't have the glasses (poor planning on my part), so unless I find some last minute, I'll just look at other people's photos.

    I can't "do" eye makeup myself, but I love your hair in those pictures! I want that hair.

    Well, and I want peaches and pound cake now.

  9. Those peaches and pound cake look scrumptuous! And you're almost to the big day! It's starting to look like we might be cloudy here in Houston, so it's a little iffy. I couldn't find any glasses to buy, but the branch library is holding a program and if you get there early enough, they'll be handing them out for free. I think I may just try for the leaf-shadow trick I mentioned above. I've seen that before, and it was the coolest thing ever.


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