Sunday, August 27, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Thirty-four

I write to you from Post Surgery Land, which is filled with wonders & delights, and a smidge of surgical site pain. Thanks so much for all your well wishes! It feels rather miraculous to be here on the other side of that door!
Sunday, August 20th     
Packing for the hospital. Which, except for the blanket & Mavis the Penguin Pillow, was a waste of time. When I was released, I just put on the clothes I wore down there, and I did not apply even one cosmetic. Mavis makes an excellent iPad lap desk.

Monday, August 21st                   
4:30 a.m. bathroom selfie. I still can’t believe we locked ourselves out of the house. I am thankful that a) we had left the car unlocked, so I could sit down; b) that I got enough of a cell phone signal to call my dad and the hospital; c) that my father answered the phone on the first ring and broke a few traffic laws bringing us the spare key to the house so we could get the car key; and d) that the hospital wasn’t fazed that I was 20 minutes late & in fact everyone we met said, “oh, you’re the one who got locked out of the house?” They seemed amused.

After I was out of surgery and settled down, Dr. M went home to catch up on his sleep. But before he did that, he took pictures of this lovely butterfly!

I had a lot of company, but by game time I was alone and working a jigsaw puzzle on my iPad. Well, alone, except for the nurses who kept having to do things to me. I ended up sitting in my chair for about four hours. I slept very well that night (except for the aforementioned nurse meddling).

Tuesday, August 22nd                                  
I got sprung today! Thanks to Daddy & Sue who came by to help carry all my stuff to the car.

Here is some of my loot, and doesn’t include a picture of this ginormous fruit & candy basket that Daddy & Sue brought me.

Wednesday, August 23rd                             
Heather says, “If you touch my impatiens, I will cut you!”

Thursday, August 24th                        
We have so enjoyed having the morning glories right outside the living room window.

Friday, August 25th             
Pretty little lady.

I sleep with this contraption between my legs to make sure I don’t accidentally roll over or cross my legs. But my foot was itching, so I decided to try to use the grabber they gave me in the hospital to take care of the problem. Not pictured: me giggling & trying to kick Dr. M when he came in to scratch my foot for me.

Saturday, August 26th                 
I’ve been sleeping a lot, as you might imagine. What’s hilarious about this not terribly flattering picture is that shortly after he took it, Dr. M was snoring to beat the band. Ha! We’re down to one turtle cookie. We were able to give some away, but we’ve each eaten a couple of them ourselves. They’re huge!

I have one more week off before I head back to work. And I thought I’d be eager to hop back into the fray. But, you know I’m kind of getting used to this layabout lifestyle. That will probably change once I stop taking pain meds though. As well it should.  


  1. Glad the "getting-locked-out-of-the-house" issue worked out OK. I can see how that happens, being stressed and anxious. What a good thing to live near family!

    That contraption between your legs may be beneficial, but it looks very uncomfortable. How long do you have to sleep with it?

    Glad you seem to be moving along with your recovery. Back to work in another week? Wow. If I told anyone in Germany about this, they'd shake their heads...

  2. I imagine it will be hard to go back to work, but on the other hand, I suspect a little routine and activity will be good for the healing. Besides, you've had some real role models for how to do it -- the turtles!

  3. Great pictures, and I'm glad this procedure is finally over for you. Take care.

  4. Sounds like things are moving along. I could never sleep with that "contraption" between my legs. I don't know how you do it. Love the 4:30 a.m selfie. I'm glad this is behind you. That is a good thing.

  5. Glad all I had to do was read about it all, but it sounds like you've been a good patient throughout with little fuss. Love the morning glories, which remind me of my grandmother's big front porch.

  6. So happy for you. That the surgery is over and was successful. That you are close to your loving family. That all is well.

  7. I think those cookie bouquets are the cutest.
    I dont know why nurses have to wake you up every 2 hours in the hospital... isnt rest supposed to be healing?UGH

  8. I still can’t believe we locked ourselves out of the house.

    Replaced the doorknob to the back door a while back and did just that. The little piece you turn on the inside to lock the door was backwards. Luckily I knew of a window that wasn't locked and was able to crawl back inside the house.

  9. when do you get up and start walking?

  10. That is quite a contraption to have to sleep with. I hope it's not too uncomfortable! Glad you're continuing to heal well and resting at home comfortably.

  11. Great pics and summary of your BIG week.
    So glad you're on the other side of the ordeal. What a long wait!
    Love morning glories, butterflies (real and puzzled!)
    Any special significance to the turtle theme? Like "poco a poco, se va lejos."?


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