Monday, October 16, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Forty-one

Dr. M wrote a blog post for the first time in a while. You should check it out here! This week’s pictures are a good mixture of mundane (me) and heavenly (Dr. M).
Sunday, October 8th        
In the latest chapter of my recovery, I put the bath mats back down in the bathroom (area rugs of any kind are NOT recommended for walker/cane users).

Monday, October 9th                      
Temperature scarf update. The summer colors haven’t been all that exciting, but now that it’s fall it feels like the colors are changing every other day. I’m creating another monster – it’s almost 7 feet long & I have fewer than 5 months left to go.

Tuesday, October 10th                                     
My latest project – navy and orange, by request.

And the recipient of my last project (with a cameo by Jax)! I was complaining about my old fitbit when Kelly offered to send me one that she wasn’t using. It’s the best thing! I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I even bought a super cute purple band for it. So I made her a hat as a thank you gift. THANK YOU Kels!

Dr. M gave us an astronomy lesson: “At the bottom is Ursa Minor, the Little Dipper, with Polaris, the North Star, at the tip of the handle. Straight above is Cephus, King of Aethiopia. By his side (your right) is his wife, Cassiopeia, with the older rendering in red and the more modern W in light blue. Cephus and Cassiopeia parented Andromeda, another modern-day constellation. Not highlighted are parts of Draco, the Dragon, who dominates the October evening sky. I'm not ideally situated to capture Draco in all his glory, but maybe I can catch most of him just after sunset (it gets dark fast in these parts).” (Note: he did catch the dragon.)

Wednesday, October 11th                              
Starry starry night…

Plus, Cassiopeia again.

Thursday, October 12th                          
Today’s walk. Looks autumnal, doesn’t it? It was almost 80 degrees!

Eating these makes me want to say, “Bam bam! Bam bam bam!” #cheesygoodness #theflintstones #bambam

Dr. M went on a flower safari.

Friday, October 13th                 
It is a sad state of affairs when you work from home & are too trifling to walk 50 steps to get a hair clip. 

Saturday, October 14th                     
I went yarn shopping and somehow ended up in a hardware store. I have always lusted after these in my heart. I could use one to store yarn, right?

And here is Draco the dragon. The little dipper is in blue.

After a spate of warm days, today it was finally cool enough to feel like fall.  Is it seasonal where you are?


  1. Like you I lusted after one of those tool carts and bought one for a paint taboret.

  2. Starry starry night…

    I can't describe how much I miss seeing a starry night away from all the light pollution.

  3. starry starry night...timed exposure? in Big Bend you see all that with the naked eye. and I though Draco wound between the two dippers.

    1. Draco's tail is passing between the two dippers, definitely. Just can't see it clearly because of the trees.

  4. ...and that's why my knitting caddy is a Husky tool carryall. So roomy and so many nice little outer pockets!

    I am anti-throw rug and I don't even have a cane or walker. I just trip a lot! LOL.

  5. That paper clip hair tie is some MacGyver kind of moves!!!

  6. I love the Internet for need a Fitbit, Kelly needs a hat...and voilà!

    Your bathroom looks very inviting. Do you ever actually use the tub? We have one of those giant bathtubs. We've lived here 10 years and haven't used it. NOT. ONE. SINGLE. TIME.

    1. Takes too much water! Ms. Pinky will probably winter in it, lol.

    2. Jacuzzi tubs used to be the big rage, but we had one and only used it a few times....more trouble than it was worth, IMO. Besides, I don't like to wash my face in water I've been sitting in. ;)

  7. Love the star charts! I've never been great at picking out constellations, and now (living in an area with so much light pollution) I barely see any stars at all. So it's nice to live vicariously through you. :)

  8. Love the leaf-strewn path.
    We watched as a gust of wind came through and leaves rained down, truly FALL.

  9. I am amazed at Dr. M's pictures and painting of the formations. I could pick out the big dipper and the North Star and the little dipper as a kid but beyond that I was a dolt. 'Course, I coulda studied a little bit. Bravo you for putting down the floor rugs. Keep on keepin' on.

  10. My mother kept a good bit of her yarn stash in a chest-style deep freeze. Full to the top. When we moved her out of Iowa, I had to pack all that yarn in plastic tubs for the move. Twenty seven of them. Big ones. No one needs this much yarn, I said. What does need have to do with it? she said.

    As for the cheese curls, I can' help passing on this. Science does benefit humanity. I'll still eat them!


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