Saturday, October 28, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Forty-three

It’s almost the end of October! What the heck! It’s even finally starting to feel a wee bit chilly.
Sunday, October 22nd        
Another addition to the Bug Parking Badly series. #icantpark

Ms. Pinky has loved October!

Monday, October 23rd                      
The moon!

Tuesday, October 24th                                     
This is the sort of debauchery that goes on in our back yard when we’re not looking. #faceplant#drunkscarecrow

North Carolina soybean field, looking a lot like Ohio.

Wednesday, October 25th                              
I started walking on a different part of my street because there was a dog who was very aggressive toward me on my usual route (fortunately a firm “NO!” stopped it from nipping at my heels & it stayed put when I walked away – and this is miraculous because I’m a bit afraid of dogs!). The advantage/disadvantage of the new route is that it’s uphill both ways! Good workout.

Thursday, October 26th                          
My latest project – a vest.

Oh my goodness – look what Dr. M found on his rambles this day! So fuzzy!

Friday, October 27th                 
Sunny, recovered from her bender, is a bright spot in our former impatiens bed.

Saturday, October 28th                       
Last Saturday I mowed, and this Saturday I walked in an Alzheimer’s charity walk! It was only supposed to be 2 miles, but because there was tornado damage in the area we only walked for one mile. Definitely my speed!

Dr. M & I went for a ramble in the afternoon, checking out his ancestors who are buried at this church. Lovely day.

I have been thoroughly enjoying this World Series, but man I’m ready for it to be over. The nights that they’ve played I’ve averaged around 6 ½ hours of sleep. We’re pulling for Houston. Who are you pulling for? 


  1. Hey, in that first picture you're definitely parked between the lines. That's all that really matters.

  2. I'm pulling for Houston, since I live in -- Houston! Well, in the area, anyhow. It would be wonderful if they won, especially since it would mean they took out the Redsox, the Yankees and the Dodgers. If that's not a trifecta, I don't know what would be! (Right now? 0-0 at the top of the sixth.)

  3. It sounds like you're getting your exercise these days. That's heartening, after what you've been through. Your fall scarecrow lady is cute.
    I don't care who wins the series, but I'll root for Houston since you want them to win. By root for them, I mean I will hope for them to win, but I will not watch. Past my bedtime.

  4. the games are on here but I'm not watching. it would be nice for the Astros to win. I like the vest. and the moon shot.

  5. What World Series? Since my poor Indians aren't in it, it doesn't exist. :-(

    I love those wild and wooly belted Galloway cows. Those red ones are really desirable in the breed; they are comparatively rare if not the result of a cross-breed.

    As far as your parking--hey! You're not in the grass!

    1. Um, wait until you see today's picture. Oops!

    2. Oh - and I was pulling for Cleveland until they lost. Very sad.

  6. Luv Sunny in her heart-shaped former flower patch.
    Mike watches the world series but hasn't decided who he's pulling for.

  7. Another addition to the Bug Parking Badly series. #icantpark

    I don't mind bad parking. What I find really weird is when the parking lot isn't packed and I have someone parking right beside my car even though there are scores of empty spaces allowing distance between cars.

    Came out of the grocery story last Wednesday at 6:30am after buying milk and even though the parking lot was totally empty someone parked right beside my car.


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