Monday, October 23, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Forty-two

Once again there seem to be an inordinate number of pictures of me this week. But I have good reasons! There aren’t any gratuitous selfies (well, except the one of my hair). I hit two more milestones in my recovery, and I’ve decided that I really am done with it now. Not that I won’t continue to talk about it…
Sunday, October 15th        
My mother wore this diamond necklace almost every day until shortly before she died. The diamond came from her original engagement ring (it was replaced by a ring that my father found, if you can believe it! No one ever claimed it, so it was given to him). I’ve been wanting to wear the necklace for quite some time, but I’ve been defeated by the tiny clasp. Today I got the thing to work, and now I may not ever take it off again! (Yes, I’m wearing it right now.)

Photo op for the shawlette I finished the day before. A friend had requested a navy & orange one.

Monday, October 16th                      
I continue to have the growing my hair out blues.

LOOK!! Very pleased with myself – and I hit 10,000 on 2 more days this week. I actually averaged nearly 9,000 steps per day – an increase of almost 3,000 steps per day. Woot!

Tuesday, October 17th                                     
Heather the sheep is in from the fields for the winter. She did a great job with her impatiens!

Wednesday, October 18th                              
My friend the fabulous jewelry maker sent this lovely little painting! I found a nice temporary home for it.

I went out to a soccer game & wore that bizarre ruana that I made. Still weird!

Thursday, October 19th                          
From today’s walk. It’s looking like Halloween around here.

It’s also looking like Halloween in our house!

Friday, October 20th                 
Dr. M & I were out on the deck watching this bit of red in the yard. We were wondering why the cardinal never moved & I decided to just walk on down there (because I can now), and check it out. A rogue impatiens!

That night I went to a football game at my old high school for the first time since 1983! The reason was this – the players all wore pink jerseys honoring someone with cancer. My cousin’s son, Drew (who mowed our yard this summer), wore a jersey in honor of Amy. Amy’s daughter cut short a beach trip to come back and be presented with the jersey. It was a pretty special night. Oh, and they won the football game.

While I was watching Friday Night Lights, Dr. M was completing the transformation of our home into Halloween central. He is a nut.

Saturday, October 21st                      
Today I mowed!!! Just the back yard, but still I was pretty pleased with myself.

Did I say that the Halloweenification of our house was complete? Now it is. Ha!

This week had me thinking about the brevity of life and missing my mom and Amy. Of course, autumn often puts me in that frame of mind – no matter how cute the sweater is, I know that I’m wearing it because the year is dying away. Fortunately, the older I get the more I realize that the natural world is just going dormant for a season. I can hunker down & get through it & then there will be spring! Achoo! 


  1. That ruana(?) looks like it keeps at least parts of you warm. :D

  2. You look great in all your pictures! And Dr. M did a wonderful job decorating for the season. Would he want to do our house? I never decorate for anything (except Christmas). All I do is just eat the appropriate candy for the season.

    I love all your steps on your Fitbit, but I'm wondering about your sleeping habits (not that I can see a lot of it) - but shouldn't there be more dark blue? Ignore this question if it's too nosy!

  3. These pictures are filled with wonderful colors and textures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It’s also looking like Halloween in our house!

    Walked into Lowes Friday morning and saw Halloween stuff down the left side of an aisle and Christmas stuff on the right. That just ain't right.

  5. Autumn is always bitter sweet, isn't it. I love it. It's my favorite season, but I also know what follows. I'm so happy that you're doing well. We have a hundred rogue impatient that are sprouting up through the seams in our patio. They're tiny, and I'm not going to bother to pull them up. They will die in the first frost. Love your decorations. Fun stuff.

  6. That is a LOT of Halloween. Where on earth will you put it all when you're done with it?

    I love how impatiens just show up here and there all of a sudden. At my house, dill does that. I just found a few rogue sprigs near the pond.

  7. yep, looking pretty Halloweeny. not around here though.

  8. You were right about the decorations! You all definitely go all-out! And bravo for that. I've never had the autumnal sense of loss that some people experience. To me, it's all just part of a cycle. As you said, Spring will come again!

  9. I've got a ruana, but it doesn't look like yours. It's more of a cape-like thingie. Of course, it came from Ireland, so it could be an Irish version of a ruana -- a strange thought all on its own.

    I love the Halloween decorations, although it doesn't seem at all time for Halloween. And then comes the time change, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas and and and.... I think I'll just go to bed. The thought of it all exhausts me.

  10. Love your decor. none here :(
    My fav: the rogue impatiens.
    10,000 already??? Congrats!!!


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