Sunday, October 1, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Thirty-nine

I called the hospital billing office on Friday & they said that my refund could take up to 30 days. When I expressed my displeasure, the rep said that I could call each week for an update – basically telling me to be a squeaky wheel. So, I shall call every Friday!

This week is all about the moon & stars. Dr. M spent some time going over the manual settings for his camera, with some very fine results which you will see below.
Sunday, September 24th       
The bulletin from church. Seems rather prophetic with regard to certain presidential tweets about Puerto Rico.

Monday, September 25th                    
I was blocking these triangles that I crocheted for a scarf. I was increasingly unsure about this project, but the final result is pretty cool (see Wednesday below).

The moon!

Tuesday, September 26th                                   
I saw these terribly cute ghosts on my short walk today.

Wednesday, September 27th                              
Ta-da! I think it turned out pretty well. However, that yarn has some wool in it (Caron Cake in the Red Velvet colorway), and I’m not at all sure when I’ll be wearing it down here. Perhaps at the end of winter, if it’s just been sitting in a bin, I’ll have a giveaway.

That evening I went to a cousin’s daughter’s college soccer game. Friday night lights! On a Wednesday. With soccer. Which is actually football, right?

While I was there I took this photo in one of the buildings. Made me all nostalgic.

Thursday, September 28th                          
The moon!

Friday, September 29th                
Another new crochet project. It didn’t work out for what I’d intended it for, but I think it will still be useful. Picture of the finished project later. (Do you call it vaguebooking if you’re doing it on a blog?)

We sat outside for a while Friday night, listening to the local high school football game. I’m wearing another crochet project. Possibly the weirdest thing I’ve ever made. I’ll show it to you later too.

Meanwhile, Dr. M was experimenting with the camera.

Saturday, September 30th                     
Dr. M spent a lot of the day on the deck, to great effect. At least I think so. That last picture? WOW.  

People! My last appointment with my surgeon isn’t until Friday, but as of tomorrow I consider myself to be restriction free! Here’s to tying my own shoes! Here’s to shaving my legs! Here’s to picking up that stupid soap that’s still in the bottom of my shower after I dropped it yesterday! Huzzah! What are you excited about this week?


  1. I do believe the two of you hit the trifecta this time around: moons, pencil sharpener, and boo-rocks. Those are really cute. I've never seen anyone do that before, and I'm surprised. Maybe I'll find a rock to paint.

    It's amazing what figuring out camera settings can do. I do all right with macro shots, but I ought to be able to take photos of the moon. Maybe I'll read the instructions.

    1. Start with sunny 16 rule: ISO 200, shutter 200, f16. You have to convince your camera it's a bright sunny day. I set the ISO and aperture, and manually adjust the shutter speed through 6-10 pics. Stars? Well, that's the opposite. tripod, 20 second exposure, maximum open aperture (3.5 in my case), and then work up from oh, 800ISO or so toward max (3200 on my cam). Also, shooting stars works better if you use RAW instead of JPG, as you get more data to work with. Back in the day, I couldn't afford to learn these techniques because of developing cost. Then I was too busy to be bothered. Now, even though my camera is a decade out of date and filthy and my lenses are basic, I'm loving the night sky!

  2. You and Dr. M look fantastic in Friday's photo.

    Beautiful photo of the nighttime sky, and yeay on being without restrictions! Remember how anxious you were, waiting for the surgery, back in the spring? And how we all told you it would be here and gone and you'd be all recovered in NO TIME? That time is here now. I'm so happy for you!

    1. Thank you, beloved friend! We can't believe it! I put the ramps in storage and need to return the wheelchair, etc. It's a new world *crying with joy*

  3. Love the scarf with the triangles. Looks great. I don't know if it will get cold enough down there. Maybe you should send it to me. :)

    Those rocks are so cute and uncomplicated enough for me to be a copycat.

    So very glad you're at the end of your restrictions. I know this has been an ordeal.

  4. I love the scarf with the triangular pieces. And the ghost rocks are great too! I also like the prayer of confession. I wish that lesson had been presented to the population at large, rather than just the attendees at your church!

  5. Don't get too complacent about your NC winter weather. You may very well be glad for that scarf this year.

    So happy to see you bouncing back so heartily and well. Hooray!

  6. Ha! I haven't seen a pencil sharpener like that one in ages.

  7. I'm totally doing that black & white challenge. I may even do it for all of November as a challenge.

  8. I remember while in school I had some sort of talent to find the worst pencil sharpeners that always broken the lead when I had a test. I would turn the handle on the things for several minutes trying to get a good point but hear it break.

    I just started buying mechanical pencils, more expensive but it saved time.

  9. my favorite pic is the moon above the tree tops. not much to get excited about here, just more drudgery.

    1. It represents a new phase of my photography, Ellen! I love you for noticing it...and just love you in general. I'm trying to learn new techniques, new settings, while remaining locked into the 10 year old technology I'm using. It works for me, and obviously produces results others fancy, so I'm trying to branch out. Our best to you and yours...we love y'all...truly.

  10. Love the ghosty rocks, and the black and white pencil sharpener, and the bright eyed (and bushy tailed ;-) Bug and Dr. M! and more. Amazing pics!


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