Sunday, June 17, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Twenty-three

Happy Father’s Day! Of course, this post doesn’t bring us anywhere near Father’s Day, but the good news is that I’m working on the NEXT post after this one, so I should be all caught up in a few days. Maybe.
Sunday, June 3rd                    
Sunday’s Prayer of Confession.

We had cake with blue icing at church!

Monday, June 4th                              
Dr. M had an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon about some shoulder pain that he’s been having. Turns out that he doesn’t need surgery (yay!), but had a course of steroids (which helped a lot), and physical therapy.

Tuesday, June 5th                                                 
Ms. Pinky Two Tone’s two tones.

Wednesday, June 6th    
Square therapy.              

Wildflowers, with a double orange daylily.

Thursday, June 7th       
Interesting things at work – one of the finishes we use, and this gorgeous super comfortable sectional piece.

More square therapy.

Friday, June 8th                               
Picture Dr. M took while out & about. There are parts of our county that remind me an awful lot of Ohio.

Saturday, June 9th                                    
My Facebook caption for this photo: What is it about the crochet soul that craves a new project even when there are six WIPs within arm’s reach? (WIPS = works in progress)


Last week I talked about the blogger emailing of comments problem. This week I discovered that there have been comments awaiting moderation since December. I used to see a notification on my main blogger dashboard that there were comments awaiting moderation, but apparently now you have to remember to click on it. So, for those of you who ended up in comment moderation timeout – so sorry!


  1. Icing is a good thing, even when it's blue.

    I hope Dr. M's shoulder pain gets taken care of. My husband had to deal with shoulder pain about a year ago, and luckily (after weeks of PT), it's all gone.

    1. He's been doing his physical therapy pretty religiously, so I have high hopes!

  2. Shoulder pain . . . ughhhhh. . . no fun.
    Love the wildflowers and the varigated yarn and the clouds and two-toned Miss Pinky and blue-tongued Bug (matches your dress).

    1. Someone at church mentioned that my tongue matched my dress - ha!

  3. I actually need to go see my doctor over some knee pain. The idea of taking time to arrange an appointment and then have to wait to be seen once I arrive at the office is only a little worse than the pain.

    1. Yeah - it took quite a while to convince him to go to the doctor, but this time it ended up being a good thing.

  4. Finally, some cake!
    That landscape is definitely Ohio-esque. Good eye. And I am charmed by that Very Blue Flower.

    1. Bachelor Button, aka Cornflower.

    2. And that cake was GOOD. If they'd not been appalled by my greed I would have taken some home. Ha!

  5. Love the wildflowers -- especially the cosmos. We have those growing in our garden, too! I'd forgotten that Ms. Pinky has two tones. And I love that prayer. I hope it's gone out to lots of churches everywhere. (Do you guys have a "prayer wire service" or anything like that? LOL)

    1. We're a tiny little church, but for all I know this prayer came from the UCC headquarters (although I'm thinking that either our pastor wrote it or found it somewhere). Our prayers of confession are often noteworthy!


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