Sunday, October 14, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Forty-one

Lots of pictures this week, including several selfies. I apparently think I’m hilarious.
Sunday, October 7th                            
Your Sunday bloomers!

I blew by my father on the way to sing at the nursing home & then we ended up at the same stoplight, which highly amused me. One of my friends on Facebook said that he was also probably a better parker than I am. That gets a big duh!

Today’s scripture from church juxtaposed with a bumper sticker I saw on my way home.

My color placement made this square look pretty odd to me, but I guess we can say those are wings?

Monday, October 8th                                      
The hound dog is still around. We don’t have a picture, but the neighbor finally got him to go into her fenced back yard & he has been having a grand time playing with her dog. She probably would still like to find him a home. She thinks he was dumped on the side of the road. So sad – he’s such a pretty boy!

I got stopped by a train, but I was entertained by the tags.

Tuesday, October 9th                                           
Balanced the petty cash box. Using that accounting degree – ha!

This is what the square is supposed to look like.

Wednesday, October 10th          
Furniture Wednesday. Some of these pieces aren’t finished yet (& you can see one is already in plastic). We were in a whirl trying to get ready for High Point Furniture Market.

Thursday, October 11th             
Hurricane Michael brought torrential rain & wind to our area. One of the neighbor’s trees blew over. Dr. M was happy to provide disaster relief to the area wildlife by refilling the bird feeder.

We’re doing low key Halloween décor this year.

Friday, October 12th                                   
My lunch – it was fabulous!

We had a hard time choosing between curling & baseball (baseball won).

To cap off our exciting Friday night, I colored my hair! As a brunette, I know that if I REALLY want hair that color I’ll have to have a professional do it. But I guess this will do.

Saturday, October 13th                                          
We’re having company for dinner on Sunday. Dr. M got a head start on the preparations.

I’m still feeling exhausted from the craziness of the world. Living in a perpetual state of anxiety can’t be healthy, so I’m going to try to do something about it. Not sure what, yet. Any ideas? (Betina – chocolate is already on the list – ha!)


  1. "Love thy neighbor..."

    Some pundit recently said that we've entered a "Cold Civil War" here in this country. I agree.

  2. I like your hair. Good job.
    The juxtaposition of the scripture with the bumper sticker made me laugh out loud.
    I'm lovin' your low-key Halloween decor. Oh, yeah!

  3. As to your last thought, I'd say unplug your television set(s) and add red wine to wash down your chocolate. Lots of red wine. (Hic)

  4. A "Cold Civil War." That is an interesting (and somewhat scary) idea. I think we all struggle with how to manage the anxiety of the modern world.

    Is there any chance that hound dog is microchipped? It might be worth taking him to a vet and having him scanned. (Or has someone done that already?)

    Great flowers, as usual. I have a weird fascination with curling, ever since I developed a crush on one of the Scottish players in the Winter Olympics several years ago...:)

  5. Thought the television was going to drive us crazy last evening. No, not the news. The Brewers in the playoffs and the Packers on Monday Night Football. Both pulled it off and once again we saw Aaron's magic. I like your new hair color.

  6. Good job on having chocolate on the list already! That's always my first advice. Because 'stressed' spelled backwards is 'desserts' - ha!

    Love your hair! And train graffiti can be very entertaining.

    And the furniture? I'm guessing I could afford it once I win that big Mega Millions drawing.

    1. How can I have attained my advanced age and not learned about the stressed/desserts connection? Now, that's news we can use!

  7. You know, I've heard for years about the High Point Furniture Market, but I always assumed it was... I don't know. Not a myth, exactly, but something out there in the ether that real people had no connection to. Clearly, I was wrong. And your hair color and that salad both look scrumptious.
    I tried a new recipe for slow cooker beef/barley soup last night. Put in on to cook about 9, and when I got up this morning, had 7 pints of wonderful soup to put in the fridge and freezer. Rich, I tell you! I'm rich!


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