Sunday, October 28, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Forty-three

Well, fall has finally arrived here in North Carolina. I actually wore a COAT this week. I’m not super impressed by the situation. I know that I claim to love living somewhere that has four seasons, but I’m really a liar. I mostly want it to be June at all times. Ah well, I shall persevere.
Sunday, October 21st                             
I forgot to put on my wedding rings today. I do this about twice a month, and of course I said same thing I say whenever that happens: Does that make me a single lady?

Today’s mowing pattern. I mowed the front yard in a circle and I mowed the back yard in rows. All I know is that the grass looks a LOT neater than it seems like it should from this picture!

Blanket square.

Monday, October 22nd                                       
Your weekly furniture.

Tuesday, October 23rd                                            
Tree Rat Tuesday.

‘nother square.

The moon!

Wednesday, October 24th          
On Wednesdays I walk with my cousin. This was our first walk outside since spring.

The moon!

Thursday, October 25th             
Studying the NC Notary Manual. This seems extreme!

Ms. Pinky and Ms. Rita are still going strong.

Our first stoup of the season.

Friday, October 26th                                   
It was a dreary day. But our flag is pretty!

Saturday, October 27th                                          
Zinnias and our porch witch.

Something went awry with this particular square. It sort of looks like a medieval hat. I did finish it & block it – we’ll see if it’s flat once it dries!

This week was a really hard one for our country. And it seems like I could say that every week these days, but still… I’m so sad that the ugliness that has simmered in the United States since its inception has been given a public forum and the loud voice of our erstwhile commander in chief. I want to urge everyone to VOTE next week if you haven’t already. Vote early & often!


  1. I love that colorway and that pattern in the first picture. and I take my wedding ring off when I'm working on wax and often forget to put it back on for weeks. he never notices. why do you take yours off? and I love that wacky furniture.

  2. That furniture looks almost boring to me. I think we're getting sensitized to all the wackiness.
    Hmmm...that seems analogous to another situation...!

  3. "Does that mean I'm single?" Hahaha.

    "Tree rats" Hahaha.

    "Stoup" Hahaha.

    Thanks for making me laugh.

  4. That beige chair - that must be for a REALLY tall person with VERY SHORT legs, right?

    I love thick, hearty soups - stoup is the perfect word for it!

  5. Looks like I got behind on your blog too!
    Almost feel naked when I forget my rings.


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