Sunday, October 21, 2018

2018 Project 365 – Week Forty-two

In my last job I was a peon, basically. A number cruncher & a (virtual) paper pusher. An organizer of electronic files & drafter of letters for my boss (not to sell myself short here – I did research the issues before drafting the letters). In my current job I am responsible for a good deal more and I’m realizing that I’m not temperamentally suited to this. Oh, I’m doing a fine job & things are mostly going ok, but Everything is Dire and Could Be Disastrous – at least in my head. Basically, I need a chill button or I’m going to give myself an ulcer. I am nothing if not a Drama Queen. Sheesh. On that note, let’s take a look at last week.
Sunday, October 14th                            
I’m “Singing Last Year’s Christmas Cantata” in the car cool. Can you beat that?

Blanket square in my 4th colorway.

Monday, October 15th                                      
Dr. M spent some time out on the deck today. He had some company. I wonder if spiders eat stink bugs?

Tuesday, October 16th                                           
Your weekly furniture, some of it still in progress.

Wednesday, October 17th          
I voted! I was a little annoyed that the person who checked me in didn’t need to see my driver’s license.

Thursday, October 18th             
Another square, in my 1st colorway. I like this one a lot!

Friday, October 19th                                   
Dr. M voted! Can you guess his party affiliation?

I used the new ruler app on my phone to measure my square! Except that to get an accurate measurement I need to stretch the square. I didn’t really have enough hands for the task. Cool idea though.

Saturday, October 20th                                          
I’m thinking about using this Celtic Lace pattern to join my squares, but man it uses a lotta yarn! Also, it takes a good bit of time to put three extra rows around each square. And as its name implies, it’s lacy - so maybe more decorative than functional. I’ve used the flat braid join in the past & I like it fine, but this is so pretty. Decisions decisions!

Today I took the radical move of deleting two game apps from my phone (a word game & a solitaire game). My bedtime habit has been to get into bed & then play these two games before turning off the light. Some nights I can barely hold my eyes open, but by golly I’m going to get through this daily solitaire challenge! Yeah, nope. If I MUST sit up in bed before turning the light off, I’m going to read something in an actual book (no screens!). Maybe that book of Mary Oliver poetry that I dipped into last year. We shall see!


  1. That third Tuesday furniture picture has me wondering...are you making thrones for the Queen?

    And what are you doing about your temperament and your job's expectations not meshing - do you think you'll look for another job? Or practice deep breathing? You don't want that ulcer option!

  2. Glad you both voted! Is that the mysterious neighborhood dog I see behind that chain link fence? Hopefully work will come to seem more natural and less stressful over time!

    1. Yep, that’s him. A tree fell and damaged Roy’s back gate, so the hound made himself at home for a few days. He’s gone, now, hopefully to a new home.

  3. I've already voted, too!
    And I'm voting YES on that fainting couch. (All fainting couches, to be honest...!)

  4. oooh, I love that Celtic Lace pattern and that colorway! and more crazy cool furniture!

  5. I haven't voted yet, but I sure do plan to. That lace pattern is beautiful and I really like the colors you chose.

  6. It's nice to see you two have voted. We have too and I suspect the same was as Dr. M. Those pictures of you singing in your car make you look like a rock star. But who was taking the pictures? I think I like your look better without glasses.

  7. I voted yesterday, and got a little sticker almost like yours. Ours said something about Galveston County, too -- otherwise, just the same. I really like that lacey joining of the squares. But I can see how it might add substantially to the work involved. Still... lace is good. As for that job, just remember the advice Varnish John gave me a couple of decades ago: do what you can, and not what you can't. I try to remind myself of that from time to time!


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