Saturday, August 17, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Thirty-three

Remember how last week was boring? This week I apparently was mostly intent on document my descent into hair purgatory. It starts out a little out of control & ends up with some disciplinary action. You know what that means don’t you? I am headed for a change. Pixie? Bangs? Shag? A boring trim? Stay tuned! But it’s not happening any time soon because my hairstylist is on a cruise. Rude!
Sunday, August 11th                                             
The UCC church likes to change the lyrics to all the old familiar hymns, but I still love this one.

Monday, August 12th             
Exhibit A of Hair Madness. I was taking this picture because I changed the makeup I’m using & I wanted to see how it looked. 

Tuesday, August 13th                                                
Exhibit B of Hair Madness. I used my old makeup today & was taking a comparison picture. Um, they look exactly alike, right?

I made open faced meatloaf sandwiches for dinner – yum! My cousin Josh said that the gravy looked suspiciously like peas.

Wednesday, August 14th                                                         
Forgot to eat my blueberries at work today so I had a snack on my way home. Note the corralling of the hair with my glasses.

Thursday, August 15th                                                           
No picture!

Friday, August 16th                                                         
I had HAD it with my hair. I put it on top of my head where it could think about the error of its ways.

Sigh. I had really been doing a great job of parking lately.

Saturday, August 17th         
The State of the Bug Estate: Status, August.

Bonus: The Forsythia that Ate Plateau!

Dr. M continues to heal. Every day he seems to get a little bit better - although there is still a good bit of pain. Which is to be expected just shy of three weeks out of surgery. He even went to see his Pop this week! He also got an unexpected card from our good friend Catalyst - thank you so much! He was tickled. 

Last week I said I was going back to WW. Well, I did not (it was our Monday Mexican Family Meal). It’s really going to be a rude awakening when I finally get back there! On the other hand, I did treadmill (or mow) every day this past week, so I accomplished one of my health goals. Do you have any goals for this week? 


  1. The Friday picture is the best. This is the hairstyle that best suits you. In fact, it suits anyone including me. It makes you look younger and more organized.

  2. Going to book club but otherwise no goals. It's mid-August already, and I am taking each day as it comes with no goals other than to enjoy the rest of the summer.

  3. Honestly, I didn't see the Misbehaving Hair. It looked fine to me. (Now I sound like my husband whenever I crab about MY hair. Sorry.)
    My goals this week are to get back on track with my daily walks, despite the hideous forecast (heat and humidity); get a blogpost up; make a real start on my Xmas Knitting.

  4. I can't stand to have my hair in my face. I have spent my lifetime trying to train it away from my face but those damn follicles want to grow toward my forehead.

  5. I am always jealous of your hair, whether it's short or long. But I thought it looked especially cute when it was quite short a few years ago.

    My goal is to get organized enough to catch up with two weeks worth of Project 365. I feel like I'm ALWAYS behind.

  6. I am right with you on hair madness. Two days ago I got my hair trimmed; came out looking all sleek and good; wind, humidity? no problem settled right in place. Today I did my hair and look like dandelion fluff. The Bug Estate looks good!

  7. Meatloaf! That looked really good!

  8. I like the first picture the best. And the new makeup seems to brighten you a bit. As for goals for the week ahead? Let me think about that for a week or so.


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