Saturday, August 10, 2019

2019 Project 365 – Week Thirty-two

I just edited the pictures from this week & they’re pretty darned boring. But that means that our week was low key – Dr. M has been healing, and I’ve been going to work.
Sunday, August 4th                                             
I didn’t go to church because I didn’t want to leave Dr. M alone too long, but I did go to Brian Center to help sing. I saw this bunny in the parking lot – so cute! It’s a terrible picture, but it’s all I got for today.

Monday, August 5th             
The folks at work sent a card to Dr. M. I work with a great team of folks!

Tuesday, August 6th                                                
Went on an emergency Diet Sun Drop run at work. On FB I called this the “strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow” edition. I’m not sure how many evangelicals read my blog so you guys might not know that’s a reference to the hymn Great is Thy Faithfulness – and that I planned to save one of the drinks for tomorrow. That evening my brother & his wife brought us dinner (yum!), but I didn’t take a picture.

Wednesday, August 7th                                                         
I came home from work and mowed. I push mowed the trim & thought I’d record my route. For some reason I think this picture looks a little fallopian. Ha!

Thursday, August 8th                                                           
This plant looks pretty pitiful these days. We used to have a neighbor who would have tossed it weeks ago. Not happening here! I’m trying to decide whether I’m slothful or just distracted by the tiny purple flowers that are little bits of perfection.

Friday, August 9th                                                         
I AM AN IDIOT! On Wednesday I took leftovers to work from the food Joe & Bren brought us Tuesday evening, but I didn’t eat them. I did, however, look in the fridge before I left for work & didn’t get the door closed all the way. So it was open all night until a coworker discovered it Thursday morning (so sorry coworkers!). A smart person would have tossed the leftovers (chicken, veggies, & rice with shrimp sauce). But NOooo – I had to eat them. So Thursday night was a little rough. Not as rough as I deserved, but I did have a mild case of food poisoning, and a low-grade fever, so I put this overly dramatic sign on my office door. Whew! That was a lotta words to explain a piece of paper!

Saturday, August 10th         
Dr. M is feeling a lot better & steadier on his feet, but wasn’t sure that he was up to going to visit his dad. So I went by myself to make sure his weekly meds were filled up & see if he needed any groceries (no). I got him some lunch & then we sat on his porch for a while. It’s one of my favorite places.

Next week I’m planning to add back in my extra-curricular activities. Going back to WW will NOT be pretty. In addition to my crazy sweet tooth, I haven’t feel like planning healthy meals. Time to get back on track!


  1. In addition to my crazy sweet tooth, I haven’t feel like planning healthy meals.

    Know what you mean, been lightly exercising again but I have been hitting the peanut M&M's just as hard.

  2. Ha! My mowing looks about the same as yours! Think of the good exercise you're getting (that's what I do).

  3. Whenever the schedule gets derailed, it seems like the first thing that goes out the window is meal planning and proper eating. I think it's true for so many people. I've been guilty of that this summer more often than not. Sigh.

  4. I tried to grow some of those purple flowers. all three plants died.

  5. "looks a little fallopian" - that may be my favorite line I've read all day

  6. The purple flowers are gorgeous!

  7. OMG - anything out of the ordinary will throw off my plans of eating healthy and exercising! Extra work, extra stress, not enough name it. I treat everything with M&Ms...


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