Sunday, June 14, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Twenty-four

I’ve got nothing. (If you’re reading this it’s because I wrote the rest of the post and I still have nothing to say here.)

Sunday, June 7th                                                            

I think they liked it! 

Monday, June 8th                          



Some of both. 

Tuesday, June 9th                                                                

The only Boys of Summer that we’re getting these days. 

Wednesday, June 10th                                                        

I’m not sure what’s going on here.  A before picture that I can use if I ever go to get my hair done? 

Thursday, June 11th       

This isn’t my photo – it’s a street in Charlotte. I love the art and the message! For my “all lives matter” people, here is an article that might help you understand why that response comes across as racist. Here is a quote: “Black lives matter” is about focus, not exclusion," Johnson says. "It reminds us to recognize and confront racism and racial violence."  

On my way home from work I saw this small demonstration. 

I was dreadmilling & hadn’t remembered to pull my hair back so I used a headphone cord. It was only somewhat effective. 

Friday, June 12th                                                                    


And here are my two wildflower boxes. We’re finally getting a little action. 

Saturday, June 13th                 

Breakfast: steel cut oats, fried eggs, roasted green beans, tomato & cucumber salad, and parm. Yum! 

Our “ditch lilies” are winding down – next up will be the double orange. 

I have no caption here either. Why don’t you tell me something instead?


  1. My hair is completely out of control as well. Every day is a struggle with myself not to just get in there with scissors and start hacking away.

    Love those blue-tailed skinks. (As long as they're in your yard and not mine.)

  2. I'm way past due for my annual haircut so I just keep it twisted up in a bun. and I only have one word for that picture and description of your breakfast...YUCK!

  3. That's a very colorful blog post. Love the flowers and that gorgeous yellow bird. (As for "the boys of Summer", have patience, it's not even Summer yet!). I'm wondering if that long-tailed lizard is what is called a "skink"? He's quite showy. And that breakfast of champions seems to cover every type of cuisine, all in one bowl. Good for you, champ!

  4. That bed cover is GORGEOUS!!!!!
    Those blue tailed lizards - those are Ernie's best friends to chase

  5. This post is so pretty. That bedspread is beautiful. It looks like a lot of work. I'm sure they love it. The geraniums are blooming their hearts out. And your hair just kills me. It looks so thick. Mine is getting thinner as I write this. :(

  6. So many beautiful pictures made it a nice week it seems.


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