Sunday, August 23, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Thirty-four

No politics this week. It is almost 5:00 on Sunday afternoon and I really want to take a nap. This shall be short & to the point. (Two notes: 1. I will not take a nap. 2. This will not be short & to the point.)

Sunday, August 16th                                                                
Seen around the yard – azaleas, morning glories, and wildflowers.

Monday, August 17th                            
There is a squishable bag zipped inside this penguin, but it has a secondary job these days.

Tuesday, August 18th                                                                  
I made this crazy thing to give away, but I finished it the week before the shutdown & then felt weird about giving it to anyone. So the other week I toted it into the office – it shall be my office blankie.

Wednesday, August 19th                                                          
Dr. M posted this picture on the socials & I really have no comment.

Thursday, August 20th        
This week’s tower of food. I ate half today & half on Friday. The note says to remember grapes & I did!

Friday, August 21st                                                                       
I finished this audiobook today. SO GOOD! 100% recommend – especially the audio version. That’s my cheesy grin because I was so pleased with it.

Saturday, August 22nd                  
Your weekly progress photo. I don’t know if I’ll be able to post another one next week – it’s taking longer to make my way around the edges now. Well, I guess I could post one even if it’s only partway done. I’m not the boss of me! Wait…

I’ve had a good weekend. Got the house cleaned yesterday & all the laundry done. Played on my iPad. Crocheted. The Braves won. Saw my dad & Sue briefly today (she’s having back surgery next Friday, so good thoughts please!). How was your weekend?


  1. I love all your beautiful flowers, your hardworking penguin, and especially the beautiful blanket you made. Your food tower is great too. Looks like it was a nice week! :)

  2. I feel like this post WAS more brief than usual. You did NOT mess around.

    Good idea with your penguin (although you still have to sanitize his beak, I guess).

    I had a work blanket, too. A student made it for me, one of those knotted fleece projects. It was cow print, and I loved it. I still have it. An office blanket comes in handy!

  3. I wish I could have an office blankie. That sounds so cozy!

    That's quite a cucumber. Ahem.

  4. That afghan is so pretty, and so is that collage of you flowers at the top. I keep telling myself to enjoy them while we have them.

  5. How long will it take you to sew those together?

  6. My weekend: watched some of the Indy 500, lots of crashes but no one died or was seriously injured; also watched Dustin Johnson running away with the golf tournament - amazing - it finished this morning with him winning with a score of 30 under par and a victory by 11 strokes! Haven't been watching the Diamondbacks this year but they just lost 2 straight to the Giants so I guess I haven't missed anything.

  7. my weekend was so boring I can't remember what I did. maybe because I didn't do anything.

  8. What is with the penguin? I tried to figure out what it's meaning is, but I couldn't. As for the weekend? It was mostly hurricane prep, an assortment of errands and a nice morning down at one of the state parks, where the lotuses are in bloom. It was a gorgeous, if hot, day, and there were a lot of families there with young kids. The lake I chose has a nice path made for bicycles and hikers, and it was great fun.

  9. Last weekend was a pain! Its been rainy at my location this summer and along with the repaired sprinkler system my grass grows like wildfire.
    The yards need the water to spread out since it had looked bad for years. But now it just takes all of my and the kids time during the weekend keeping it under control.


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