Sunday, August 2, 2020

2020 Project 365 – Week Thirty-one

How is it August already? What the heck. I had a busy & productive week, and I’m looking forward to a project at work this coming week. Baseball has been good (although, as I said last week I feel ambivalent), and hockey started back – and the Hurricanes won!
Sunday, July 26th                                                              
I did that thing where I just couldn’t throw out the lotion. There was a LOT in there! (Yes, I’m aware that the container I chose is probably a butter keeper or some such, but lotion is sort of like butter, right?) 

Monday, July 27th                            
There was a meme going around asking how old you were before you had a Black teacher. I had both of these ladies in the 9th grade. Ms. Harshaw (left) was my Freshman English teacher, and Ms. Setzer (right) was my homeroom & social studies teacher. I didn’t think about it at the time, but can you even imagine what it must have been like for a Black woman to teach in rural North Carolina in the late 70s/early 80s?

Tuesday, July 28th                                                                  
I had a selfie from today (meant to show how low I had slouched in my office chair), but I thought you needed to see this instead. Made me laugh!

Wednesday, July 29th                                                          
Ms. Pinky after the rain.

Thursday, July 30th        
Morning glorious! (Yes, we had petunias on Thursday last week too.)

Dr. M went to see his dad & brought home these huge tomatoes! (That’s my grandmother’s plate that they’re sitting on.)

Friday, July 31st                                                                      
I was trying to get a picture because I thought my hair looked good & I wanted to show my beautician how well my cut is holding up. But these didn’t really showcase it very well.

Saturday, August 1st                  
Our Misfits box came & instead of yellow squash we got these weird looking things that are about as big as my head! I posted on the Interwebs and about forty eleven people told me that it is jicama. Something new for Dr. M to play with!

I took the beard off of the first gnome I made & gave it hair instead. I think I have a Mr. & Mrs. Gnome now. (I included the beard picture in case you don’t remember how weird it looked).

Yet more new masks (and I have another one that I haven’t photographed yet) – from the Atlanta Braves this time. I think we really are done buying masks now. Maybe.

In case you’re concerned about my allergy med saga, on Wednesday I started the second of the three that my doctor gave me to try – Allegra. I think I’ve taken this in the past? It doesn’t make me as drowsy as the Zyrtec did, but it does make me a little drowsy. I’ll give it the full ten days to see what I think & then I’ll try the third one – the hilariously (to me) named Xyzal. Do you have any interesting medical news to share?


  1. That's a lot of jicama! It's good to snack on, though.

    Rick has horrific allergies, and he settled on Allegra, I think, when his shot was delayed or needed an extra boost. Good luck in your search.

    I was in 8th grade before I had a Black teacher. It was Ms. Bolton, and she was my English teacher. She was tough and exacting and I adored her for that. I learned more grammar in that class than any other. She was terrific, and I can still see her in my mind's eye right now.

  2. is there some sort of rule that says meds have to have a z, x, q, or y in the name? and the more the better?

  3. How on earth is "Xyzal" pronounced? Like "Zyzal," I guess? What a terrible name.

    Great tomatoes. I hadn't heard about the black teacher question -- that's a very interesting one. I'm going to have to think about it!

  4. What do you do with jicima? You'll have to share!

  5. Jicama is a great veg. Peel it and cut it into carrot-stick-shaped pieces. It's bland but the taste grows on you. It's prevalent in Mexico.

  6. Jicama is great for texture, crisp and light and sweet, Great in mushy salads like potato, tuna, chicken salads that need more crunchy air.
    never had a black anything, raised in Wyoming in the middle of dirt. white folk land.

  7. It drives me crazy how much lotion is left in the bottle, and I use a lotion that the top does not come off easily - like it isn't meant to come off, but H rips that sucker off for me.
    Your masks are cute. You look sexy in that green one.
    Never tried jicama. Hope you find a good recipe for it.
    The gnomes are cute.

  8. How is it August already?

    I feel the opposite, this year seems like a decade has passed.

    Medical News?
    Had some moderate heart trouble last month or so, enough to scare me and make a few urgent phone calls to my doctors. Had some changes in my medicine and another prescription added. That makes ten now I take either once or twice a day.


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