Sunday, March 14, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Eleven

The first thing I want to talk about is my tooth. I called my dentist on Wednesday after I had finished my antibiotics & my tooth still hurt. They ended up getting me an appointment with an endodontist for tomorrow. And gave me more antibiotics. Those antibiotics kicked in & now my tooth is pretty tolerable (doesn’t hurt so much that I can’t think, but also isn’t totally pain free so I’ll actually keep my appointment for the root canal). I am, in general, a person who whines about pain, so I know that we will ALL be happy once this is behind me!
Sunday, March 7th  
Dr. M took an overnight break to ponder the serpentine belt, but got up on Sunday & just fixed the thing. Woo hoo! He’s the best (you all already knew that).

Monday, March 8th  
No picture, but I did take a screen shot of this new guidance for gathering with another household. Am I really ready to be mask free around other people? I’m not sure (although I did it today with some fully vaccinated folks)! (Note: The word "sent" is covering up "all parties.")

Tuesday, March 9th
Felt cute. 

Wednesday, March 10th     

Thursday, March 11th
Made a posy.

Friday, March 12th
New color alert! This is watermelon, which is for average temps between 61 & 65.

Saturday, March 13th  
Weekly blanket update – love seeing those pinks. We’ll be back to those tealy bluey greeny colors this coming week.  

One of my aunts asked Dr. M & me to go walking on a trail with her today. And she came with two bonus aunts! We had a nice outing – the trail is on an old rail bed, so it’s nice & flat. You’ll see some photos from that ramble next week. It felt good to move my body. And now I shall go to bed early. Ha!
P.S. I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! So I’m pretty happy, but my body doesn’t love the change. You know if there’s anything to whine about you will hear about it here. How do you feel about DST? (This question isn’t applicable to Bruce who lives in Arizona…)
P.P.S. This is the 8th P365 post in a row where I have used the label "Drama Queen" and I think that's all you need to know about how this year is going. 


  1. Those daffodils are wonderful. I like the watermelon yarn, too. I'd be hoping for chartreuse and watermelon temps for a while. As for DST, I really don't care. Since I work by the sun, it doesn't make a bit of difference what the clock says. I'm just happy that the days are getting longer. Until the fall equinox, it's all good, now.

    1. Yes - I wonder if what I really love is the longer days & it wouldn't matter what time it was (except that I'm in an office in the morning & don't get the advantage of extra light then).

  2. I'm just sick of changing clocks, like we're stuck in some caveman times. PICK ONE AND STICK WITH IT ALREADY. It's preposterous.

    And it just gives me one more thing to be nitpicky about, too. There's no S--it's Daylight Saving Time. Sigh. Apparently, DST makes me crabby.

    Your daffodils are so bright and cheery. Mine are approximately two inches tall, sprouting above the dirt. I'll keep you posted. LOL.

    1. Oh my gosh - where did that extra "s" come from? I know it doesn't belong there.

      This is another one of those times of year when I really notice the difference between living here & living in Ohio.

  3. I prefer to have the extra hour of light in the evening because I'm not an early riser. but yeah, pick one and stick with it.

    I have only a small clump of daffodils and got maybe 5 or 6 flowers.

    1. Your whole yard is just being extra cautious because of how rude the weather was a few weeks ago. Who can blame it?

      And yes, it would be nice to just stick with one time all year. It's kind of ridiculous that we still do this.

  4. Nice that you live somewhere that the weather gives you a good color variation. We don't usually have that here. Pretty daffodils! Myself - I don't care for DST. Being a morning person, I want it light when I'm up at 630am and dark by 730pm.

    1. Yeah - I'm more like Ellen. And like I said above, I'm in an office in the mornings so I don't get the advantage of the early light.

  5. Hope your tooth get better soon! I'm hoping I don't have to see my dentists until the next cleaning.

    1. I'm back from the endodontist & so far so good. Of course, I'm still numb... But I have hope that once everything settles down I will be good to go!

  6. I'm going to be the weirdo that wears a mask for the next year - NO SHAME in it either.
    I am LOVING how your blanket turned out.
    YEP - told you my dental issues were with you - had my endodontist appointment yesterday too

    1. We're dental twins! (ok, but actually you "win" because you've been so much more than I have!)


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