Sunday, March 7, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Ten

Well I’ve got to say that last week was a mixed bag. There were good things. There were bad things. There were unflattering selfies, and there were priceless gifts. And I am GLAD THAT WEEK IS OVER. 
Sunday, February 28th  

And mushrooms!

Monday, March 1st  
My temperature blanket through February (including my “key” in case you’re interested).

Tuesday, March 2nd  
I went to bed with one of the worst toothaches I’ve ever had. I reapplied orajel about every 20 minutes & finally fell asleep around 2:30 a.m. I was so glad that my dentist office had an opening that afternoon! Not quite as excited to find out I needed a root canal. Even LESS excited when I got my appointment notification & saw how long the appointment is going to last (hahahaha!). I was given antibiotics, but as I’m writing this (on Sunday) my tooth still randomly hurts like bejesus.

 Wednesday, March 3rd – My Birthday!    
I had a meeting in the office in the morning & then took the rest of the day off. Got my hair done – and since it was a three hour process I’m making you live through all the stages. You’re welcome. While I was there my cousin friend stopped by to deliver birthday goodies (her daughter is my hairdresser).

I love my new hair, and I loved having pizza and cake for my birthday dinner.


Thursday, March 4th
I started for work this morning (had a VERY IMPORTANT APPOINTMENT I DIDN’T WANT TO MISS), heard something clunk, the battery light came on, and I ignored all that & tried to go on my merry way. With no power steering. That woke me up. I parked the car, rudely woke Dr. M up & stole his car. Turns out the serpentine belt had come off, which apparently has negative consequences if you keep trying to drive the car. But enough about that – my VERY IMPORTANT APPOINTMENT was to get the first shot of the COVID vaccine! Our group (essential workers who provide services to frontline workers) opened up this week. I was so excited & grateful that I almost didn’t mind that my tooth was still hurting like a mother (can you tell that I’m getting saltier as we go along?). My next shot is in three weeks – the day after my root canal.

Friday, March 5th
Things I got for my birthday (not pictured: $$$). It was a pretty good year for birthday loot!
Saturday, March 6th  
MY TOOTH WAS STILL BOTHERING ME, so I had birthday cake for lunch. Meanwhile, Dr. M started working on Daisy.

The pluses this week were pretty good – birthday hair & a vaccine. But the minuses were pretty minus. I sure hope the antibiotic starts doing its thing soon or it’s going to be a long three weeks. On the other hand, Dr. M finished up working on the car today. Woo hoo! He looks like he’s been through a war, and his clothes look worse, but the belt is on the car & it seems to be working. And from henceforward we are taking the car to a professional for any further repairs. Ha! Are you a handy person? I personally am not.


  1. your hair does look great and yay for the vaccine. and happy birthday.and bummer about the tooth. that is a long appointment. maybe you should find a dentist that knows what he's doing.

    1. Thanks! And yes - I should maybe shop that root canal & see if I can find a shorter slot. Ha!

  2. Happy Birthday! And Yay for cake! Your stylist did a nice job on your sunshiny warm highlights.

    Love those pushy daffodils that made holes in that leaf.

    1. I think the daffodil leaf picture is my favorite one this week.

    & Congrats on your shot. that's awesome.
    I've had so many root canals - they honestly dont bother me - I have fallen asleep in most of them. They are a long time in a chair & your mouth open... but at least when its done - pain is gone.

    1. I've been thinking I should sit around with my mouth wide open just to practice. Honestly that's the hardest part for me - I have a small mouth & it's just hard to keep it open that long.

  4. I hate dental problems more than anything. My next hated thing is car dysfunction. I'm do glad you got the tooth taken care of. Hopefully it will stop giving you a problem soon. The hair salon pictures are priceless. Thank you so much for including them. Very cool birthday gifts. May you have many more.

  5. Oh, Jezus. And I, being an unbeliever, am not praying. Whaddaweek! I hope the next 7 days are better for you, DanaBug.

  6. I went to bed with one of the worst toothaches I’ve ever had.

    Luckily, all I needed was a crown to solve my tooth issue.


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