Sunday, March 21, 2021

2021 Project 365 – Week Twelve

I’ve been feeling a lot of grief over the fact that the prayer shawl I mailed to my friend in January never made it to her. It was delivered, but apparently not to her apartment. And there’s not much I can do about it. If I knew that the person who got it opened it & is using the shawl I would be ok. But the idea that it’s still in the package, or got thrown away, or is in some sort of post office limbo is kind of hard. Then last night I dreamed about my mom for the first time in a while (she was helping me take care of the baby I unexpectedly had – analyze that!). And today I was reminded that this is the 16th anniversary of her death. I think maybe the prayer shawl grief = mom grief. Life is so complicated.
Sunday, March 14th  
Here are the promised pictures of our ramble with the aunts. It was a lovely day!

Monday, March 15th  

Tuesday, March 16th
No picture
Wednesday, March 17th     
We had something green for St. Patrick’s Day. Well, it was green until we dumped the sauce in it…

Thursday, March 18th
New FB profile pic.

Some crazy person sent us Goat Mail. We love it! We’ve named the goat MJ (for Michael Jordan who is the GOAT*). You can tell we’ve been married a long time – we both independently came up with that idea. Ha! (*GOAT = Greatest of all Time – I would assume you all know that, but since I didn’t know it until a few months ago I decided to tell you what it means)

Friday, March 19th
I stopped by Dad & Sue’s house & he had me go through a box that was FULL of letters sent to me my freshman year at college. I had no memory of getting so many letters from random people! One of the letters was actually this ransom note from my roommates. I blocked out the name of the innocent kidnaper who would be very surprised that he had been accused of stealing an elephant. The real mystery is, what elephant? I don’t remember having an elephant. I was into rainbows & had a stuffed dog in college. Very interesting!

Saturday, March 20th  
Phlox! And those little blue flowers that are ALL OVER our yard making it look lovely. Let me go see if I can figure what they are (which I have to do every year…)… OK, from Google University I see that it’s called Speedwell Veronica. I don’t remember that at ALL. Do you call them something different?

Weekly temperature blanket update. I’ve decided that it looks like saltwater taffy.           

You will all be ecstatic to hear that I had my root canal on Monday (easy peasy – the worry was MUCH worse than the actual procedure). There are still a couple of things to do to that tooth, but the pain is gone hallelujah. Did you do anything this past week that you had been dreading?


  1. only if you count trimming the ditch in front of the shop something I'd been far two gas tanks worth and still not done.

    I would think that whoever received the prayer shawl loved it so much that they kept it even though they knew who it was meant for by the address.

    1. I reached out again & maybe there is hope that it can be retrieved. Fingers crossed!

  2. The USPS is a crapshoot anymore. I'm so sorry for your shawl situation. Perhaps it may yet appear.

    No forsythia here yet. (I do love to say that word, even in my head.) Spring may be technically here, but it has not yet sprung.

    1. I like to say "forsythia" too. I remember the Ohio "spring" - I would get so impatient!

  3. I am just loving your Temp blanket!!!
    YOUR MASK! That is just the best.
    Yellow flowers... give sme all the happy joy

    1. I'm interested to see what the introduction of RED will do to my saltwater taffy blanket - ha!

      I love that mask too.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the prayer shawl! I hope it turns up somewhere! The saltwater taffy blanket is looking fab, and I hope you saved the ransom note! I did not know Michael Jordan is the GOAT, but now I won't forget.

    1. I hope the shawl does turn up too! MJ might only be the GOAT in our house - there could be differing opinions. Ha!

  5. Oh, my! I was three posts behind and missed several crises!
    What a relief to have tooth and car both fixed! Other pluses: new hair, new blossoms, and birthday blessings!
    Things I dread? Cleaning, ha! But, I did complete two of those chores as of today!

    1. Thank you! And YES, cleaning is something I dread SO MUCH. It's kind of ridiculous - I spend more time dreading it than I do actually DOING it.

  6. Pretty flowers! And the afghan is looking very good. I've made a couple of prayer shawls - one I kept; one I gave to a friend though I don't think she ever used it. Still putting off going to the other house to clean up all the frozen dead stuff - maybe next Monday.

    1. That's a job I don't envy you - no fun at all to sort through frozen plants!


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